#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


So it’s your contention that without McKenna in the team we would have the best defense in the league?


Clearly struggling with the modern concept that attack is the best form of defence out of the back line.




Where are my highlights!


In the Dyson Heppell thread.


By the way this thread should be pinned as a reminder to all those who rush to stick the boots into a young developing player finding his way


Dayle Garlett 30 year contract?


I do not know what his ceiling is and I love it

Could see him gaining more size and spending time on the wing/middle

Likes to get in the opponents face which we need more of



Hird rated him a potential top 10 draft pick. ln Hird we trust for talent assessment.




Circular reference? :smirk:


Where the fark are my highlights


Clubs ■■■■■■, no wonder no player wants to come to it.


all the likes


sometimes he looks like he is completely out of touch with our game plan

this is what makes him a great addition to the list.

good job lad


I think he’s still very attached to Erin’s green valleys. Four years might have been a limit he put on the club.

But he revealed yesterday that he could be back to boost the Red Hands before he reaches his mid-20s.

“I would love to come back home and play for Tyrone,” said McKenna.

“I’ll maybe have five or six years here, but 100 per cent I want to play for Tyrone.

“I’ll have to see what happens over the next few years, but that’s’ the plan.”


Four years puts him at 25 years old so that sounds about right. We just need to find him a nice Aussie girl and we’ll keep him forever.


Depends what were paying him. Gaelic football wages are insanely low compared to afl. Would be hard for a kid of his talent to turn down the kind of money that could set him up for life. And yeah, get a Melbourne bird on his arm to seal it


Glad he’s been signed again, and i really hope he can prove he was worth the 4 years. He is on a good trajectory, I didnt think he was a lock for 4 years though given 4 years is usually reserved for only a handfull of the most reliable/marquee players. I thought Parish only signed for 3 but he might have demanded more cash or be gambling he will be worth heaps more in 3.