#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


Line this one up and set this one up and practice it before the finals. You beauty.


You’re right. My 4 yr old bit his sister in a scuffle last night. I’ve thrown him out of the house and told him to find another family. That behaviour is unforgiveable. He should have used the elbow instead.


Yeah, you are working under the assumption he is indeed innocent.

I’m not. The evidence looks pretty strong to me.


There are some things you just don’t do on a football field. Squirrel gripping, eye gouging and biting are on that list. Absolutely unacceptable.


I can’t believe that any professional sportsperson would be mad enough not to wear one!


Even the guy representing the AFL said the evidence was thin.


Got to protect the image of the game though.

Fence sitting 101




My observations and experiences over the years says it’s acceptable if you can get away with it.


What about a wet willy?


We call that foreplay in the Doe household.


No love for the Hopoate?


I have come to the conclusion the entire team dropped something before the game.


Squirrel gripping used to be called the Footscray uppercut.


dont’ condone the action, but he’s one of a very few who should some fight on sunday.

maybe if 3/4 of the rest of the team looked like they gave a ■■■■, he may not have been so frustrated to do such a stupid act.

I’d have in him the teams before all but a handful of players.

and ■■■■ there’s some people on here who rate their own morality pretty ■■■■■■■ highly, despite admitting to some pretty low acts themselves on here. go figure.


I’m sure he chewed it over for a while prior to biting the bullet and pleading that way.


The question is why Biting and Spitting have different classifications in the AFL’s table of offences ? It’s got me beat.


Conor will have get used to a lot of annoying sledging during games for this point on…


I agree.

Who was that famous squirrel gripper that never got charged but had plenty of blokes suspended for retaliating?

Most famous case of eye gouging was Dunkley to get Hird off the ground under the blood rule so that Syd won the game by a point and got to the GF. No appropriate penalty for that Rsole - he played in the GF.

The most recent case of biting got the WCE player (who evidence showed clearly did it) a 2 week penalty. He had pleaded not guilty. (His excuse was that the guy he bit had put his arm into his mouth).

But Conor copped 150% of that penalty despite weak or no evidence. Despite pleading guilty to allegedly get a lighter penalty.

EFC: getting stitched up by the AFL and its Tribunal since forever.


Did he plead guilty to biting or to misconduct?