#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


matt thompson asking woosha if he asked conor “why?”

‘I don’t really wanna know why’

thompson flustered

you’re a ■■■■ ■■■■■■■ waste of space journo.


Terry Wheeler - Bulldogs


I wonder if he has told his parents who live in Ireland?


His parents already know who lives in Ireland.


oh seriously??? anyway you describe a dog attack he just bit a dog




He should train as an inside mid while he’s suspended and once he’s back unleash him, He’s a powerful weapon forward of center.


at least he didn’t try and pass it off as a martial arts move ala Chris Judd

“I was trying an ancient tai chi method of soothingly relaxing his aggression by digging my thumb into his eyeball”


Pressure Point


If my memory is correct, Fletcher was pushed over the fence by Lockett and had to go off under the blood rule, at which point he kicked a goal(s).

Second worst thing I’ve seen on a field was Buckley smearing his own blood onto Cameron Ling in order to get him to stop tagging him.


Leigh Mathews’ hit on Neville Bruns was a pretty low act.


that’s the woosha we wanna see, re: going in to bat for conor.


Hepp just gave a quick shot to Juddy on the Footy show. Judd asked if the club had been practising biting at training, so Hepp shot back something about pressure points. Judd actually laughed and clapped the comeback. So good to see Hepp fighting back.


You reckon the questions and answers weren’t scripted ? Whatever floats your boat.


From the timing of the reply. The look on Hepps face when he said it. I’d probably say it was off the cuff, although l’m sure most stuff on there is pre planned so l could be wrong. Not really fussed either way. It happened and l commented on it. But it doesn’t float my boat although believing you’re more informed/enlightened than others obviously floats yours.


Biting is not to be condoned at all, but this puts the real dangers in AFL into focus.

Picken, 31, was ruled out of football indefinitely after a heavy collision with teammate Josh Dunkley in the Bulldogs’ JLT Community Series against Hawthorn in March.

“Liam at the moment is quite openly saying that he knows he’s nowhere near ready to play again. There’s every chance that ‘Picko’ doesn’t play again this year,” Beveridge told SEN on Thursday.

"He’s still getting dizzy spells, he’s got headaches, he can’t train with the footys, he can’t even cope with the music within the four walls of the football club. That’s how extreme it is at the moment.

That. Is serious.


The Who are English.


The English.


Where’s Paul Revere when he’s needed.


Agree Chris64. I think the long term effects of head trauma is a ticking timebomb in all codes of football. I like Chris Scott but part of the problem with his recent disagreement with Clarkson was his repeating many times that Selwood has had only 3 concussions, implying that “3” somehow measures Selwood’s cumulative head trauma and longer term risks.

The way Selwood plays footy - the courage that is admired universally in AFL - is a major cause of long term health problems. Selwood has had 3 concussions but 1000 serious knocks to the head. Boxers get damaged by punches as well as concussions.