#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


The knock on effect of this guy being out is enormous. Miss him dearly.

McGrath needs to be in the middle.
Saad can’t do all the rebounding himself.
Conor’s pace and bullet kicks are desperately missing.


Should’ve stomped not bitten. He would have been playing today.


Or simply just kneed Dickson in the head. Which is also just a one week offence.


Have to wait for somebody who only started learning the game a few years ago to come back to have a decent kick in the team

oh the humanity


We really lack speed without Conor & Dazzle in the side, they make a huge difference to us.


Need him back asap Saad cant do it all on his own


Should be sent back to Ireland in a Hannibal Lector mask. Don’t like biters.


Forget about his speed. Yes thats great.

But we need his ■■■■■■ efficient disposal comung out of the backline.


You’re just bitter because none of your 7 wives would give you the love bite that you wanted so badly to show off at the office.


Nah it was the bite from the girlfriend that started all the woes.

Though seriously McKenna should have been suspended for the rest of the year. Do not like biters.


Now you are nagging BF, you already told us over 10 times. Get over it and move on.


which is actually worse


Except I will only bother to tell BF once. I am over it and I am moving on.


And his strength. Baggs couldn’t outmuscle De Goey or Sidebottom yesterday. Conor is a strong Stallion and wouldn’t have let them get goalside or near the ball.


You are correct, and once I see him flashing done the wing from half-back, I will get over my issues.


We really miss this guy. At least he would have shown some fight yesterday


Ah yes… fight.

Would’ve only got a week for that.


I’m not coping with this suspension.


We also don’t like old middle aged men having a go and berating 20 year olds for having a laugh after a game.

But hey we put up with it.