#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


It doesn’t count if you bounce every 3rd stride.

Good on him though, could easily have finished with 3 goals against the cats


Elite Biter maybe, has to do a bit more to be an elite player.

He may make it though.


this title honour conor.

bacchus does not honour conor.


He it yet to earn it


You need to watch more footy


That goal he kicked Saturday was very ELITE. :slightly_smiling_face:


he pulled it too, could’ve easily sent it through post high.


Here’s another champion data chart. The white columns are:

Age / Games in 2018 / Average ranking pts in 2018 / performance relative to expectation based on Age & Position for players 25 and under / rank within AFL

(Grundy is #1, on +88%)


tl;dr: conor elite.


Conor…sick balls!


He should probably see a doctor about that.


and that spoil was too!


Who’d have thought the kid we got over from Ireland would be this good? And not just being good at providing run and rebound, but his defensive capabilities? He rarely gets beaten 1 v 1. He’s a strongly built guy, very powerful through the core. I’m loving the long goals he is kicking bombing on from the HB line. He’s a neat kick short but he really is damaging when he sinks the slipper into it.


Blokes taking a bounce as soon as they set off really annoys me, run you measure and make ground on your opponent before bouncing.


This. How many times have we seen him either kill a contest or neutralise it? He’s become a very dependable player in a short amount of time.


We need another Irish draftee like Conor.

He can mentor him, and communicate in his own language and stuff.


don’t think you got the memo, hes a bog average biter.


The goal he kicked was a ripper but the best thing on the weekend was that mark he took from the high floating switch kick. 2 on 1 if he dropped it that would have led to a goal.


Yes that is fine.

If they were playing for Hawthorn or a few other clubs.

But he plays for us and has been burnt a couple of times by the maggots for not bouncing within 8m. So he bounces too many times to make sure the maggots can’t penalise him unfairly.

Just imagine how much more elite he could be if he didn’t have to bounce so many unnecessary times, and if he was allowed to run fast!


Maybe it all goes back to his footballing childhood…when he ran too far and ended up giving away three free kicks in a row!