#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


I agree with the bolded part but not the preceding bit. For example if you are on a run and it looks like you are going to have to dodge/baulk an opposition player at around step 14, then you may be better off bouncing at step 8 thus allowing you to be going at full pace at around the point of ‘trouble’ instead of having to bounce and slow down near the ‘trouble’


I had forgotten that Conor is only 21 years old, still a kid! Glad to have him for other 4 years.


Some saw it coming…still a fantastic line, after he kicked 3 goals in a typical miserable loss at Williamstown in his first year:


I will take advice from an expert like @percebushby on this, but I would have preferred if the analogy was with uisce beatha.


Bushmill’s Single Malt. Ardaím mo ghloine dhó.


What is your problem with Conor?

Get over the incident with Dickson, and be proud of what this guy has achieved.


Djr is the king of an old yaco style good call by me


Well one free kick and 2 50m penalties…


I wish I could find the video. It was virtually the first thing he did in the first match he played in the senior team in the NAB challenge


Get him in the guts


Ultimately, this is where he will star for us. So strong and fast and reads the play well. would love to see him move into the middle over the next few years.


Ho Ho Ho, I remember at the time all the commentators were laughing at this footy ignoramus from Ireland. Who is laughing now ?
We have plenty of half backs. Conor is destined for the midfield


Undoubtedly my favourite player. Has real ■■■■ in him. Upside is enormous


Think I will wait until he achieves something.



He’s achieved moving half a World away from his home, learning a whole new fkn game and becoming a best 22 LOCK, week in, week out, in an AFL team not short on talent, at the very least .





Have any of the Irish guys made that transition. Personally I think he looks a little lost still when bodies are flying all over the place and people are fighting for it on the deck.

At half back the play finds him. I’m not convinced he’d naturally draw the ball further up the ground.

Regardless, he’s a super talent who is going to keep getting better. There was a moment on Saturday where Saad broke a line and started to draw a man. Conor put the hammer down and converged from the other side of the square. Unfortunately the ump intercepted the offload.

Conor’s goal later in the game came about from running a support run through the corridor for Saad as Saad broke a line on the wing.

Conor and Saad are only just beginning to develop an understanding offensively. They’re going to develop into a devastating combination over the coming months/years. Let’s enjoy it.


What do you mean by this? Achieved what? A Brownlow, a Coleman, AA, Norm Smith? Jock McHale coaches award?


Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s regarded as our best player in 2 years time.


That would be a start plus two premierships as captain.


Sits 8th in the list of Irish AFL players ordered by games played; not bad, considering the number of Irish players who have tried out for AFL,

1 Jim Stynes 264
2 Tadhg Kennelly 197
3 Sean Wright 150
4 Zac Tuouy 145
5 Pearce Hanley 142
6 Setanta ohailipin 88
7 Martin Clarke 73
8 Conor McKenna 33