#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


Gee I’d forgotten Setenta (and his brother.)
Compelling argument to cap the Irish quota at one per club, or training could get very messy.


All things going well, He and 2E should make top 3 with Stynesey.


That is true. But for many it’s instinct to just play on and bounce immediately.


I take a bounce once I feel I’m at top pace.
Easier to maintain speed whilst bouncing rather than trying to accelerate whilst bouncing.
Early/frequent bounces give you more decision making time as well.


I’d say he has achieved a lot more than you have. And he’s probably being on this planet a third of the time you have.

Moved to the other side of the world as a teenager. Learnt a whole new sport and is thriving in it at the most elite level only 3 years after starting. He has gotten the acknowledgement and recognition as one of the better half backs in the game today.

To me he has achieved a helluva lot.


First sentence probs isn’t necessary, but well made point.


don’t stop, im edging.






Um … I wouldn’t have run with that argument myself.

Conor has achieved quite a bit … but …




I am really happy for you to make it all about me, I just love the exposure.

You think playing AFL is a high level of human achievement.


But let’s concentrate on young Conor, who is just about a third of my age. He is just one of many who for centuries have left their home to seek a new job, and is not the first to leave Ireland to play our game. Not sure he is anywhere near elite and may not rank in the top 400 of the about 800 AFL listed players currently.

Now given time he may aspire to be an Elite AFL footballer, though is really only known now, outside of Bomber supporters, for biting an opponent.

To you he has achieved a hell of a lot, probably because in your life you have achieved nothing at all.

Everything is relative.


How did people pour scorn on eachother before the internet?


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This is perfect.


The Elite tag he has been given in the AFL article is based on 2 qualifying factors. 1 performance level for his age and 2 his form in this year alone. All a bit dubious in absolute terms.

He played much better than Ablett last Saturday, That makes Conor better than Ablett*. Right?


Handy bunch that, except for that Carlton ■■■■■■■■


Coming from you that is ironic.