#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


Hes really good.

Of course we’re going to have to worship a new word for “elite” since this use of it constitutes the moment when it no longer resembles the actual meaning of the word and has become so overused that it’s meaningless.


Irony is most people here know you for being the proud idiot that yelled at Francis when he wasn’t playing



How can you not see how ■■■■■■ good this kid is?


Lol, may not rank in the top 400? Go take a nap my friend


It’s a very precise figure. If we assume talent is evenly distributed amongst the teams, then the best 396 get a game each week.

We must be a very poor team and/or very injured for him to be so consistently tolerated within the senior team.


Thoughts on McKenna so far this year?
improved, or regressed?




Improved for sure. Playing in a less successful team but well and truly holding up his end of the bargain, often under duress. I can wear the odd mistake from him because he does take risks and try to provide the run and drive we need.


Wasn’t sure it was a serious question, … still aren’t …:thinking:


Has improved a lot defensively as well


Ordinary game last night - had plenty of mates - but has continued to improve.

We really need him in the midfield being a bull who can burst from a stoppage.

That stoppage burst player - who an quickly run the other way if we lose the initial handball - is something we definitely lack and we need to try him there.




Can’t he just be our Tuohy?


McKenna v Saad? Both elite bursts of speed, but who would you have running off the half back atm?


McKenna is a physical specimen. Much more athletic than Tuohy.


Didn’t have a game to remember last night, but has definitely improved.


Bit of play where he hacked it of the ground and out on the full should have dribbled it over the line for a boundary throw in.



He is one of our more important players. Was moved onto a wing in the last quarter, maybe even last half. Couldn’t find as much ball… but definitely has potential there.

The 3 weeks he was out at the start of the year really hurt us. Along with Merrett is the one who I want to have the ball in their hands and kicking it.


Time to move him up to the wing.


Played there Q4 against the tigers.

He and Griggs basically neutralised each other.

We need at stoppages where he would give us something we lack - explosive pace.