#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


I’m not sure he is ready for that, maybe 4-5 weeks on the wing til he gets used to position in around the ground stoppages before we throw him in the middle.


It’s time to start the apprentice.


How are school holidays treating you?


souv is my favourite new poster.


Maggots would have pinged him for deliberate out, so he is to be commended for saving us the angst from being outraged by yet more maggotry.


Just let him run with an opposition player the old fashioned way.


McKenna’s form has been under-stated this year - He’s achieved a rock level of consistency with few highs or lows - He’s improved heaps in 2018.


i might be taking crazy pills, but i’m not sure why we don’t go for this tactic more.

if you’re close to line and you rush it, you’ll be pinged
bomb it back in to the center, picked off by the oppositions zone.
roost it 50m down the line out on the full, or in to the top deck. sure, you turn it over, but you buy time to set-up again.

yep, i’ve lost it.


No, you haven’t. Teams are doing exactly either that, or risking “Deliberate” as a regimented tactical play to get, as you say, … time to set up defensively.

Noticed it come in to vogue more and more as this seasons gone on.


It’s a version of Melbourne Storm tctics when they are under the pump defensively. They give away a penalty to allow them time to set up again.


Professional frees have been around for many years. Its not always obvious to the fans


For sure. I reckon it is more a team directive for certain situations now whereas it was most likely spur of the moment previously. Just my uneducated guess anyway.


So that’s why JD kicked so many OOF - he was just giving our blokes a chance to set up defensively.


Driving north to south in Ireland today and took a little detour through Benburb! No McKennas to be seen, pub closed & coffee shop closed… no Irish luck today! Beautiful countryside - hedged fields of green everywhere- can imagine the Oirish lads miss that. !
Hope Conor can weave some Irish magic against the Weagles


How good was this guy tonight. Had to giggle when commentators said when he got caught holding the ball on the wing that he sometimes gets caught biting off more than he can chew. Too soon?? Love his run and his solos


He is totally gonna kick GotY one day after kicking to himself a few times


Adding some galic tricks to his footy love it.


unselfish play when he could have gone himself but he kicked to conor mckenna


Love that he and saad clicked tonight

Good luck stopping us once McGrath and these two are fit and working together


Gee we are a quick side very hard to stop also what I’ve noticed in the last month is we added toughness and willingness to tackle and apply pressure when we don’t have the ball