#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


Loved his game tonight- wove a bit of Oirish magic in the last :joy:


i love him but geezus he does some nutty things. Put your fist up when you are the bloke at the front of the pack. He dropped his arms and let them mark.

Drives me nuts.

Love the run and carry and tackling though


Whale oil beef hooked.


How funny was the deliberate call where the blonde umpire looked back at Connor before emphatically paying it as if it matters where Connor was standing? Or was he just taking a mental picture for his wank bank?


Totally irrelevant that he was tackled hard as he kicked.


Going to start calling him d’Artagnan


Second worst decision made, just behind the Smack mark that wasn’t paid.


I think the Hurley shank paid as deliberate deserves to be on the podium somewhere.


This one more than the other options.

The footies are all behind the goals at either end. An umpire (boundary?) would have to run back there, grab one, run it back up.

Gives you a good 15? 30? seconds to set up.

Similar to Le Cras taking 20s to walk halfway back to his mark, stopping for another 20s to tie up his laces, taking another 10s to get to the top of his mark, before the umpire called for his 45sec to start. Any advantage you can wrangle is a good one.


What about Green getting slapped in the face, a free given to WC for htb, then a few seconds later, a ‘high’ given to WC?


Green did get caught high across the schnozz. But given he has been done for staging in the past, and he played it up like a soccer player, then it really doesn’t surprise me. The rest of the decision making in that sequence was fine.

Plenty of others to pick on.


That’s in the top 5


Why do we have people here who defend the indefensible maggots.

They are Vichy BBers.


I think you’ll find he got a finger in the eye, not the schnozz.
Hence the hesitation and the shake of the head to try and clear his vision / check his eyeball is not hanging out.
Implying he’s staging or taking a leaf from the Oscars of soccer is a bit rich.
He’s not Natanui or Rance.
And, like Hird, will always be tarred in the umpires eyes.


He has a history of staging


But not in this instance.
Are you an umpire?


I can just imagine Connor telling BJ to f off in a strong Irish accent when BJ offered to take the kick in.
In all seriousness, it was awsome to see Connor be confident enough to go again after he butchered it out of bounds less than a minute earlier and even better that BJ offered but never demanded.


This statement in itself comes back to show the umpire will base their decision on the player and not the action/foul


I’m not an umpire, i’m not commenting on green’s reaction thursday night. i’m simply saying he has a history.


Giff please?