#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


I’m not that tech savvy, but if someone could clip that little passage where he kicks to himself I’d be very appreciative!


Not mine


Awesome. Still needs to learn how to make the bobbling ball pop up


Party tricks

Luke Darcy is right i want Worsfold to tell him to keep doing it and get better at it.


Didja see Worsfold raise the one eyebrow there?

That’s the kind of emotion we want to see in the coaches’ box.


Looks engaged in the box now which i’m pleased about earlier in the year he just sat in chair staring into space.


Oh Nino…


Nino has some impressive gravitational pull, there.


Are you calling him dense?


‘e’s orright.


Now that the season is fully cooked. It’s time to experiment a little bit.

Please, please give McKenna a go through the middle or on a wing. At worst it rounds out his game, at best we might find an excellent mid.


I would have put him in the centre square in Q4 after they got a goal or two up - wouldn’t have been any where worse than the players we had with no tank.

Would have put McGrath there too.

Needed to roll the dice - McKenna is the one player we do have have with burst running power. Those players are gold at stoppages.


Would be one of the best runners at our club acceleration, speed, and endurance and the desire to use it


Don’t reckon he has it to be a mid. Doesn’t have the ball handling craft, but he’d make a great winger


Stop with the mid thing. He’s a straight line player and the more ground he has in front of him the better.


Id like him to work on his bounce timing.
We all know he bounces it very early in his run, which tends to give the chasing player a chance to make the ground.

In the last qtr he got passed the Coll player just forward of the centre circle, but attempted to bounce whilst not fully balanced, and thus lost control of the ball and had to kick hurriedly.
He takes 4 steps before that bounce, and he’s away.

Not a bad game from him, but the Coll coaching staff and players did an excellent job of containing/limiting Conor and Saad.


Disappointed to see him out with a groin injury, will be a big loss. If he was a bit hobbled last week against GC it makes sense, he didn’t seem to have his usual dash and run. Is there any chance it is a 1 week injury and we can get him back for the Swans game?


McKenna and Saad in the same team, scorching the turf from half-back. Get Francis into that equation alongside Hurls and it’s hard to imagine a more exciting prospect for the next few years as a counter-attacking force.


Not much said of his game yet.

Apart from his one hesitation that led to a Sydney goal thought he was excellent on his return to the team.

Cut up Sydney through the middle multiple times and dont remember his opponent getting many looks. Him and Saad combining is an absolute treat to watch.


Between him and Saad burning off opponents and nailing passes up the ground I don’t think anyone else has that. Then we’ve got McGrath, Zach, and co to link up along the way. This is only going to get better once our forward line settles and gets used to reading it and beating their opponents more. And, we have the makings of the best forwards in the comp. good days ahead.