#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


The goal in the 3rd which went Saad, McGrath, Fanta, Conor, stinger was just absurd. Basically 5 guys in a row that few could touch when they get up a full gallop.


Beautiful ‘half wedge’ by McGrath to set up all the runners there.


Just checked parish got a touch in there too. Should have been tippa


Too fast. Too furious?


Play of the year. So much X factor in that play.


I love how the skillful players are emulating each other. Conors doing bandpasses like parish and McGrath. Zach pinched conor chip kicks.


It’s not just his run-and-bounce and passing but his ability to win the loose ball on the wing and HBF that I love. He nearly always beats his opponents in that situation, even when it’s 1 vs. 2.


That play in the last on back flank was awesome beat his man and took it away in a flash.
He must of eased up on the Guinness as he looked in the best condition of his career. Can’t believe he’s only 22!


The massive hip and shoulder on Franklin early set the tone.


So awesome when the opposition actually manages to corral one of our speedsters, another just zips past for the handball receive. Beautiful to watch.



I thought him getting up to speed for the midfield was a pipe dream. But I’m starting to believe.


loves the biff.

still remember him booking it across the field to punch a guy who shoved him.


Best hip and shoulder in red’n’black since Walla broke Dangerfield in a pre-season game


He did very little handball originally but he seems to now have incorporated lightning quick handballs - left and right handed - into his game. the one he gave to Stringer for that goal on Q3 - with his left was a gem. Stringer didn’t have to break stride.

It’s part of his development as a player - still plenty of development to go - but he is perhaps the only player on our list (Francis the other) that has the style & ability to play as a burst midfielder in the Tim Watson/Dangerfield mould.


One thing about Conor is that he is very easily developed. We have seen it multiple times were he seems to acquire new skills in a matter of weeks.

Still not the complete version of himself yet.


Only wish it had been delivered by Hooksey, … prikk wouldn’t have gotten up.


Which gives a huge lie to the “only draft footballers, not athletes” trope.


I’d imagine most actually working within the AFL would trot out that it’s easier to teach an athlete to play football than visa versa.
Reckons it’s just old blokes who grew up with the 70s/80s (and haven’t moved on) that think teams should just draft pure footballers.



Hooker has Mass

Walla has Acceleration

I wouldn’t wanna get hit by either


The key is how easily are they developed. Blivcas and Mason Cox prove you can teach athletes too.

Even looking at our own players. I’d say Merret is more of a natural footballer than Langford. The attribute they have in common is they have been able to be developed, admittedly through a lot of effort on their respective parts.

Must be a key part of recruiting, identifying players that can be developed, especially given they are often naturally gifted and best in class their whole lives.