#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


Agreed, … but I was talking about the one on Farklin.

Conor did well, . but Cale would have smashed his breastbone in half, … and he owes him.


I don’t care who hits him as long as someone does


It’s why they interview teachers, parents, school principals, juniors coaches - not just from TAC, but the local club they were originally from etc.

Disco cops a bit of grief for overvaluing character, but in the long run, it often pays off.


Strictly speaking, the relevant formula is e=mv^2

In which case, given weights of 101 and 79 kilograms, TIPPA needs to hit 13% faster to equal Hooker. Actually, in terms of hurt as opposed to just displacement, it’s probably less that that as he intrinsically strikes with a smaller contact point.

Obviously, the Conor example indicates technique matters. I remember Long putting Plugger on his bum with a clean bump to the front, the shock on Lockett’s face was hilarious.



if we lose him i’m legit ripping dodoros ■■■■ off.


He will follow a similar path to Zach Touhy I reckon, if he doesn’t go home, he’ll transition into the midfield in his late 20’s


A bullet is pretty small.


Especially from forum nuffies who think that the reason their team isn’t winning is because their players are of ‘too good character’.


Say that again


Black ops.



Myers does a Buddy


His skills are ridiculous. I love the slight roundhouse style wind-up he does when he kicks long.


His kicking looks as awkward as Dylan Clarke’s, but it’s significantly more dangerous


The Tap from Tip.

That’s why he’s such a pure talented footballer.


If he plays midfield he could kick 20 a year no problem.

Not many pure mids could keep up with him once he breaks free from congestion.


Not inconceivable for him to kick 20 from the half backline if he and the team continues at the current rates of improvement.


…and as he runs full tilt to the 50m line nobody knows whether he is going to have a shot at goal or execute a dinky little 20m chip kick at a 60 degree angle to a player on his right.


…or to himself