#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


One of just a handful of players in the league that can wait until the last second before making a decision and can still execute.

he’s a very unique player.




Almost unique then.




How good can this kid become? He is a kid! 3 years to develop to his best!


Absolute weapon when he slingshots off the half back line


Irish guys tend to hit their peak a little later into their 20s, for obvious reasons.

If he stays in the country I genuinely believe he’ll be the best Irish AFL player ever.

He doesn’t have any flaws to his game that won’t be fixed as he gains experience.





What obvious reasons?


Adapting to the new rules and oval ball I’m guessing.


i assume it’s the late intro to the game and not communication breakdowns in the early years…


Honour Conour?


You know… :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Was awesome tonight. Great defending, then great when he had the chance to attack


Love this guy so much, easily my favourite player and had a great game. So dangerous with the ball in hand, those 20-30 metre pinpoint passes are magic.

With his age and so much improvement, he has every chance of being one of the greatest Irish players ever


The pertaytows


Terrific game last night. I can really see him playing in the midfield in the next few years, very strong, fast and excellent skills.




F*cking gun.

How good is this bloke?

I love how many people wrote him off, only last year.