#45 Conor McKenna - ELITE


When Saad went down I thought we really needed him to have a big game. Then he had such a damaging 2nd quarter when the game was in the balance. Has only skimmed the surface.


Absolute star and future AA player


Is fitter than most blokes - runs out games like no other.


He is fast
He is strong
He can jump
He can spoil
He can take strong Marks
He can kick running goals
He can break zones apart.
He can fend off

Is there anything he can’t do.
Still think there is a strong possibility he can transition into a midfielder.


Dustin Fletcher was saying he is the best boxer at the club.

He said, McKenna is one player you don’t want to get in a fight with.


He must have done some training with Mike Tyson.




Interesting that he played his best game for the season after Saad went down. I wonder whether Saad has impacted on Irish’s run?


I reckon he just knew the state of the game and probably took it upon himself to lift


What a gun this kid is. Elite disposal, pace to burn and fits into the game plan so well.

Know it’s important to him but I don’t want him going back to his Gaelic stuff ever. Want to see him for another 10+ years cutting teams up and tasting success.

Dare I say he can even be 80% understood when he speaks now.


His kicking to a leading forward is exquisite. Comfortably the best in the team … you’ve got to go back to rioli I reckon to find someone at McKenna’s level.
And him running into scoring distance, mark it down.
Love this kid … even the heart in mouth moments. Already dangerous across the league, very close to becoming a star


Absolute jet. Love that we have this guy.


Is an absolute joy to watch play footy.


Wears his undies over his tights and has a cape


The most talented Irishman to ever play AFL, Has them all covered.


Almost singlehandedly turned the game for us in Q2 with elite running and elite long and short passing/kicking during this period.

When he runs and carries the ball we almost always score.

As well as kicking that trademark running goal from around 50m (again the goal umpire basically didn’t have to move), had 3 goal assists which I think is the most on the night.

He has few peers in the AFL across HB when it comes to be being able to defend but also attack and deliver into F50 and kicks when the opportunity presents.


can you be AA and still play for Ireland in the International Rules?


Conor is AAA-grade (Almost-All Australian).


Conor should be scouting more Irish talent for us. He would know exactly what it takes.


Bloke has huge arms bit of a solid unit