#46 Mitch Hibberd - big-bodied midfielder

This thread has gone to the dogs

That’s a bit Muttch

He’s going to smash the pre season where the coaches will have no choice but to pick him for the rnd 1 team

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Your all barking mad

He never won a game at North 0/4

Highs 22 possesion game
low 2 possession game (injured shoulder) final AFL Game

He’ll play a role Hibberd - probably won’t rack up possession but will clear a path for Zac, McGrath etc.

Reckon McGrath might have a breakthrough year next year with the help of these more mobile big bods (Phillips, Hibberd etc.) and a Richmond gameplan (designated kamakazes at every contest) helping him out.

I am going all in. I think Cutler and Hibberd are our Prestia and Caddy. Flag!!


The lid on perspective would be they are our Nathan Hrovat and Dom Tyson.


Maybe Laverde might be the casualty. Langford goes forward and takes his spot, Hibbo centre, Cutler Wing. Who goes out if Cutler excels?


Is Laverde really in our best 22 as it stands? 10 games for 11 goals, not exactly a stellar return. Townsend (baaahhhh) puts a bit more pressure on that spot as well.

Whenever I do a 22, I get about 18 that I’m reasonably sure of. Bellcho/Phillips is a cointoss, and the last 3 spots are a total crapshoot.

(1 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 13 18 21 25 27 29 42 43 45)

Could be Hibberd and Cutler, could be Ham and Snelling, any of about 10.


Yeah it’s probably a little unfair to Dom Tyson.

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The lid on perspective is that they are now best 22 Essendon players, because that’s how poor our current players are.

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Geez so North is better than us because their recycled hacks play VFL.


I’m scared

I can’t see Laverde being in the best 22 R1.

He would have to improve significantly over the preseason for that to occur.


It’ll depend on how they change the forward structures and whether Stewart and Daniher get back on the field, but with Brown being delisted Laverde is well in the frame for a starting spot. His defensive efforts as a pseudo key forward this year were underrated imo.

He’s one player I’ve always been bemused by.

He’s 190cm+ and has great hands, but they seem to use him as a back-up for Fantasia et al.

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Strong candidates for the last 3- any of 8, 15, 26, 30, 37, 44 and Hibberd will move in and out depending on opposition, form and injury.

Defence is pretty settled imo

The big names in the midfield select themselves, outside of the ruck battle that is.

The forwardline is the hardest to predict; I’d say McKernan, Walla and Stringer are the only ones that would be confident of a round 1 start, with Daniher and Fantasia’s injury concerns.

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