#46 Tuth Jok Jok


this guy


Tom Jok

Great kid! Was burning up the Saints time trials last week


AFL avatar is racist.


How big etc




Will go down in history. Cannot be surpassed.


You want Tuth? You can’t handle the Tuth…



No joke


I tried to find a pic, this is all I got:


That’s a bad Jok


Played well in VFL final for Pies against us.
Very mobile tall, Adam Goodes traits.


I don’t even care if they all turn out to be duds. Best ever. I love you Jackets


He showed a fair bit in the elim final…like this




Wait, it’s that guy???
Great pick up!


Tuth Jok Jok,

Who’s there?


Tom Jok caught my eye in the VFL but was a bit raw. Got plenty of ball and was fast.


Good luck to him.
It’s fantastic and exciting to see the club embrace the culture diversity that our community reflects. That was one of the criticisms I had earlier in the year.


More Nic-Nat for mine.


Jok is seriously going to be fun to watch. He has talent to burn but is super raw, and it’s unclear what position he plays at AFL level. Will be interesting to see how we use him.