#46 Tuth Jok Jok


LOL. says you


Remember Francis is going to be a mid :slight_smile:


So what have we done with this kid?


Bomber supporter


I approve of the continued recruitment of “barracked for us as a kid” strategy. Also impressed with the cool names.


You’ll be especially disappointed with the recruitment of Gown then…


@Alan_Noonan_10 has been the star of the 2018 National Draft Day #2.


Definitely a departure from the usual jacket.


“We think we’ve got a reasonably good player."

Huge wraps on this kid



St Kilda were keen on him but weren’t sure if he was a good fit.
In other words St Kilda, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TUTH!


Really happy with this - really caught the eye in that game against us


Was a good player for St Kevins




Jok Jok?
Pair of Joks?


“I don’t want to put the mozz on him and I don’t want to force (list manager) James Gallagher’s or (Simon Lethlean’s) or Gubby Allen’s hand, but I think he’ll be a player,” Hannebery said.

You can’t make this stuff up


Too tall for them to set fire to.


Mr BM has nicknamed him the “(Big) Jok Strap” :smile:


Too much of a good human being.


2 x small
2 X tall

Jackets has gone for players with high ceilings. He has not played safe this year, and taken some big chances. Well done l say for being adventurous. Not such risky choices as might appear since we won the trade round.