#46 Tuth Jok Jok


Didn’t look any good in a school dress?



Who is the best player we drafted today?

the Tuth and nothing but the Tuth


The Tuth always wins in the end


I hope he is hard at it, otherwise he might be copping it for being a bit of a Tuth Fairy



We have solid players in every position. The only way to improve the best 22 with late picks is to take upside players. The only way you get upside players late is to accept some risk.

To not take risks in this draft would likely result in players with low ceilings and unlikely to improve the side.


Genuinely intrigued as to where they intend to play him, does he have the ability to find the ball and the skills to damage on a wing? Or will he be used in the backline as a tall HBF-come-KPD


I have alot of love for Joks


Joks is damaging when he goes in hard.


The Tuth is Jok Jok is ours.
Welcome to the Bombers Jok.


I heard his meeting down the club was a little confusing at first.

Tom gets the club

TJJ: I’m here to see Adrian
Admin: last door on the right
walks down the corridor, knocks on jackets a door

Disco: who is it?
TJJ: Jok Jok
Disco: i heard you knock I said, who is it?
TJJ: Tuth
Disco: yes, why would you lie about who you are?
TJJ: it’s me, Tom Jok Jok
Disco: oh Belly, Why would you lie about that, come in and stop knocking!


That’s horrendous


Sadly it seems beni that living in Toowoomba is having a negative effect. Pauline would laugh at your attempt if a joke.


Ignore the haters - I enjoyed it.


Bomber supporters finally get the Jok.


I think the young man deserves a bit more respect than he has been given in this thread.


Someone want to speculate on what position the kid might play? Wouldn’t mind a list of perceived strengths and weaknesses.


The role Kepler Bradley was meant for.


Half back ish, I think. He’s really good overhead, quick (for his height) and runs all day.


To paraphrase Hird: When the Tuth comes out, we’ll be in a good place.


Nothing wrong with a bit of jokularity.