#46 Tuth Jok Jok


I asked my brother who’s a pies supporter, goes to their VFL matches most weeks. He thinks Tuth could end up a decent player but very raw and will take a bit of time. He thinks wing or the flanks would be his best positions.
Strengths and weaknesses:
Huge leap,
Good grab but is often outbodied in contested marks,
Goes in hard for contested ball on the ground,
Usually pretty good kick but can kick a few high floaters,
Good taps when playing ruck but easily outbodied,
Very skinny needs to bulk up a bit before AFL ready.


Let’s get him on whatever diet Majak is on


It’s really Tuthoon to say.


That’s absolutely awful!


Disco Jokky


Early morning meeting at Moorabbin in Simon Leathleans office, Hanneberry politely informed that his job is on the field playing, while Lethlean manages, and Richardson coaches, to Which Gallager adds, “Actually, I am the list manager, Dan !”


Happy with this pick up, saw him play a few times in the collingwood vfl and was impressed. Watching a few old games justin blumfield was a super handy player, tall, good mark and evasive type skills i thing this guy could have that type of role which would add another dimension to our midfield if played on a wing.


Going to leave this here. Pending 2019 anthem.


it was 4am and id had to many beers, turns out i get a little one nationy when im drunk


Chapman ruined this song for me. the bald freak.


One person who might not like this selection is perennial pre-season MVP, Paddy Ambrose


Can he be better than Gach?


nothing beats the gash


Yep, his skills are better developed and Jok Is determined to succeed.


I wish Dodoro had recorded the call to Tuth. Love those reactions. Best part of the draft.


I’m pretty sure they did. We will probably have a good dripfeed of content for the week


oh yeah, this guy seemed like a unit in the vfl. fark yeah.


Knock knock
Who’s there
Jok who?
Jok Jok
Who’s there!!
You can’t handle the tuth

*ill get my hat on the way out


Cult figure status achieved before he even arrives.
Mission accomplished. Go Tuth go.