#46 Tuth Jok Jok


Drafting choir boys was so 2016, now Dodoro is all about drafting Joks


The Tuth is out there…


Tuth be told, I did that gag 24 hours earlier …


Jackets did not say leader once after the draft but Jok presents extremely well. He is smart and ambitious. He is a standout in that respect. Stole him from under Buckleys nose.


Well spoken young man. All the best Joky.


What a beautifully spoken young man.


Hopefully is a better player than Goaner Tutlan.

Anyone remember him? Be honest haha. I don’t reckon there’d be too many that do.


I still remember Dwayne Armstrong.


Someone recently posted an update on the Japanese guy Sheedy did a similar publicity stunt with around the same era.


Likewise haha


bobo was a huge fan.


Was impressed by his game in the VFL final against Collingwood. Obviously Draper got a heap of taps against him but Jok won’t be a ruckman at AFL level. We’ve had success with McKenna, turning a talented athlete into a very good AFL footballer, hopefully we can do something similar with Jok Jok.


Conor was a very talented gaelic player more than an athlete.


Has broad shoulders, lock him in the kitchen with 2 hours a day in the gym and he’ll be as big as Majak in no time


Talks well, Really like him.


Shakes head, hmmm, doubtful.


we need players with a bit of intelligence he seems to fit the bill


You don’t need to be ripped like Majak Daw to play AFL football. It helps to have a bit more game sense than him though


And he would have a lot more run than daw as well.


I’d rather him be an endurance beast running guys into oblivion on the wing. Nothing like cooking a guy in the first quarter leaving gaps on the field.