#46 Tuth Jok Jok



I had the highest hopes for him. I actually thought he was going to become a star for us.

Look at him!



Very impressive young man


The Blicvas role perhaps awaits if playing seniors ever eventuates?


A spoke to a friend of mine today who is a very astute Collingwood supporter and has watched a fair bit of Jok. He said he is a serious athlete, massive tank, good speed and agility and very flexible in terms of what position he can play but with below average footy IQ. Lets hope we can get him there because his physical attributes are impressive.


He looks like a footballer.


Seems to be a contradiction in terms here. If a player can play a number of positions and roles ( well ), he must have some “footy IQ”
Having said that, it may be Collingwood were moving him around to try to find the position to which he was best suited. Maybe they need to put him in one position in the VFL ( eg. HBF or wing ) and get him used to it, to develop his “footy IQ” without the challenge of having to adapt to different positions and roles every week.


I have a funny feeling about this kid, think he plays a bit of senior footy for us next year.


And the point is? McKenna doesn’t make it as an AFL player and doesn’t even get drafted if it wasn’t for his freak athleticism.


Cometh the Jok, cometh the… Jok.


He’s 6’4" in the old money and he looks like a CHF. You’d better watch out, JoeD !


He’s an ex Steeplechaser?


Blitz logic. You can be an athelete or a footballer, but not both


Most definitely will, in my opinion.


The bit I love is people talking down players’ athleticism so they can be a footballer, not an athlete.


So Jok x2 has been training with the main group? Hoping this kid makes it.


I have only watched him once, but I see exactly what they mean. The footy IQ he lacks is more the split second things, that natural footballers do instinctively. A natural player has an awareness of whats going on around him, knows which way to turn his body in a contest etc, its really hard to put into words, and even harder to teach. For most it comes with experience, others just never seem to be able to get it. Teaching a player where to run, and how to play a system is not what I, or others are talking about.

I have no idea if he has grown up playing footy but the way he plays it looks like he hasn’t. He looks extremely raw. But the amount of athleticism the guy has is nothing short of remarkable. We are going to have a lot of fun watching this guy develop.