#47 James Kelly - #BackIn


His last 2 weeks have been supreme


Pleasure to watch. Hope that list spot was worth it for Geelong. Enjoy Wiley Buzza.


Can we get him to 100 games?


I love how he’s pictured as an Essendon player when you look him up in Wikipedia…the dudes been kicking around since 2002 ffs and hes playing like that.

Keep him fresh.


He has always been this good, at the cats he was a friggen superstar, just got hidden a bit because of Bartel and Ablett.

It’s so amazing that he can keep playing at that same level at his age.


Has been fantastic for us. I didn’t appreciate how tough and aggressive he is which in my view is just so underrated these days. Hope he plays on next year. Great man to have at our club.


He one of those naturally athletic types that could keep going if his mind is still committed. Very durable too. How uttery blessed were we to get champion players (and champion people) like Kelly and Goddard to our footy club?


That crossed my mind too


I bet they’d be thinking this Kelly bloke would Look pretty good across their half back line. They keep ■■■■ trucks like cowen and Motlop but get rid of Kelly. I guess what I’m tryng to say is thanks Geelong


In the first quarter alone saved us from about 4 at worst HTB freekicks or ball ups by riding the tackle and dishing off the buttery smooth handball to a teammate.

the perfect mentor for mcgrath and mckenna.


Yep, give him a 1 year playing deal and a 3 year coaching deal. From everything I hear about him he is a excellent teacher and mentor for kids and it’s no surprise he is in high demand at AFL house. Would love for him to stay on the club in some role


I hope this guy becomes an Assistant Defence Coach at the EFC when he eventually retires. Could be another Fletcher.


Dont forget some of the kicks coming inboard to him where basically had to take a contested mark to ensure we didn’t concede a goal from a turnover.


Sign him up!


Zaka was interviewed on radio toady. Reckons Kelly should and wants to play one next year.


To think Geelong could have finished this year with two more premierships, but instead Kelly is racking up 13 marks for us playing the best footy of his career.


Yeah but ‘play the kids’…


Wasnt it more about salary cap to fit danger in


James Kelly was criminally underrated in those Cat flag teams by the media and fans alike but I doubt by his team mates at the time.

He was just as valuable as any of their stars at the time.

His durability also seems to have gone unnoticed. Has kept his body in top shape with minimal injuries throughout his entire career.


I doubt Kelly would be commanding a large salary at this point in his career