#47 James Kelly - #BackIn


As great as he’s been in the 1.8 seasons at the dons, he’s done. I wouldn’t say he’s let us down or cost us, but we defs need more from that role. I say that role, as the defender who takes the easiest matchup to help set us up forward.



He could be a very good coach for us. He already has good repour with the players.


Been a fine addition.


Just announced his retirement to the playing group. Press conference to come.


Couldn’t have asked for more from someone who came out of retirement to help a team that was in trouble. Thanks Pops.


An absolute legend and champion of the game, a true professional who wore the jumper with pride. I hope we keep him around the club


Thanks kel! Really appreciate you putting your hand up to help us when we were in dire straits.

Hope you stay on at efc as coach.


Nothing but class for us, all the way through. So lucky to have had him the last two years, invaluable asset on and off the field. Safe decision made, as he could’ve hit a sudden decline at any stage next year, but in saying that I think he still could’ve played some good footy next year. Hope he farks off the job at the league and we keep him onboard as an assistant, because he’d be a terrific coach.


Thanks James, has been awesome


The right decision. Glad he’s going out on his terms still playing reasonable footy. Has been great since he came over, thanks for everything kel


He came out of retirement to help us out, even though he knew how tough of a year it will be.
Deserves a life membership for that.

Hope he’s offered an Assistant Coaching Role, someone like him is worth their weight in gold.


Maybe this is a main reason behind wanting J McVeigh


Thanks Pops.

We didn’t get your best years, but they were invaluable to us.


Absolute class. And hasn’t gone on too long either. Going out playing good footy.

Thanks Pops.


Email through now as well. He’s been great for us and glad he’s going out on his terms while still adding value to the team.


One of my favourite non-Essendon players. Who then became an Essendon player! Such an underrated player in that Geelong side, looked unobtrusive but jut did everything right and was all class. Glad to see him go out while still in good form.




Cheers Pops :+1: