#47 James Kelly - #BackIn




Hard as nails, without the chip on his shoulder, his actions spoke volumes.


We got to fark Hawthorn over one more time for him, and beat Geelong in his 300th. Let’s top it off by getting into a final and farken winning it for him!


A true professional. Came to the club as a top up & could have simply gone through the motions & collected some cash. Instead he set a standard & example we desperately needed & more than earnt another contract. IF he wants it I would love him to remain at the club in some capacity.


Sooooo… announcement video. Blue is seniors, red is not. Colyer is out.

(Then saw Parish was also in red. Maybe not.)

(Then I watched the press conference and right at the start I almost thought he was going to use a different f-word… Thanks for not editing that out, EFC!)


Been fantastic for the club.

Thank you.


The announcement video taught me that Chris Scott makes people hate football. I suppose I could have guessed that.


Have really enjoyed him being at the club. Lots of players don’t see out the twilight of their playing career as well as Pops has. Will have been an invaluable influence on quite a few of the young guys but some of the more experienced players too, such is his high level of football intelligence.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see him coaching in a few years.


Thanks Kell.


All class, and total respect for answering the SOS call last year. He was the stand out of all the top ups and held his place on ability and skill. Goes out of the game on his terms.


Can’t thank this guy enough, absolute champion.

I loved that he said he had a foot in each camp (Geelong and Essendon) and felt like he was tied to both.


“We can’t have two Kellys in the team”~

~Said no one.

Thanks for the service!






Yes, really?


I believe Rolo was making a quip involving the Father/son rule.


Umm, 100 means we get father /son options.

…and also, he was taking the pizz. he hasn’t racked 50 yet.


But does anyone seriously think his sun would choose the Bombers over the Cats?


Why wouldn’t he? Geelong suck. Just ask @Diggers


You bet they do.