#47 James Kelly - #BackIn




Underrated get by us as a coach. This guy is going to ensure that our culture remains elite whilst creating a really fun environment at the same time as a mentor. Bullish


As a supporter am missing seeing this guy on the field this year.

Seemed to set the tone early in a number of our wins last year. Inspirational spoils. Could pinch hit in the midfield with real impact…


Probably some of the last bit of aggro out of the team too.


Not a massive Baguley fan but maybe he’s our next best in the kelly mould: selfless, hard as nails, willing to leave his man to support a teamate, just not as reliable/skillful as Kelly.


I think Dea and McNeice are similar in terms of selfless, hard as nails. I never worry about them going at the ball as hard as anything.

Saad on the other hand…


MASSIVE LOSS to our backline when this man retired.


He was an excellent panacea to missing Fletch, as a General down back.

It’s up to Hurls or BJ to fill that role now, … not sure they are, . or possibly can, at the moment?