#47 Jye Menzie - thru 2025

He’s definitely got a good solid build on him. And you can see what he bring to the side.

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If that was any other high profile small forward the commentators would have been going on and on about it
It was certainly a superb grab under immense pressure
Edit: I think he is a clever small forward as well. The attempted tap back to Langford in the last was a great piece of thinking as well


He’s a classic small forward. Provides pressure, kicks a few goals and usually has low disposal numbers. On track for a 24 goal year which is very handy.


Great efforts last night and rewarded with two goals. Improving every week. Showing he belongs.

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He is our best small forward.


He’s exactly what we needed coming into this season.


Got a bit of Stephen Milne about him. Good bits, that is.

Fanta and walla kicked 20 odd in '17 so a 25 goal season by jye would defo be handy

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Great get. Knows where to be and where the goals are. You cant teach teach that.

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I had been thinking he has some Ballantyne traits, looks pretty keen to fly the flag At times

Would not be unhappy if he drove oppo players and supporters as nuts as Balla did either


Now we all love him again.


Very good game from him. He’s building more confidence too.

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He’s definitely improved @IceTemple ….I’m happy to say I’ve seen really good signs the last few weeks

Some of us always have.


Meh, id like to see him do it week in week out and against better opposition before a change my judgment.

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Charlie Cameron in his 2nd year (age 20)
29 goals (1.3 avg); 62 tackles (2.8 avg)

Jye Menzie in his 2nd year so far (age 20)
12 goals (1.2 avg); 24 tackles (2.4 avg)

If he keeps playing the way he is then he will match a guy who is considered one of the yardsticks for a small forward (who is now 28 and prime).

Whether he ever reaches Cameron’s level is yet to be seen. But so far he has started well as a 20 year old. Writing him off as you have already done is rather weird.


Thought last night’s game was a step up. Has been pretty good with his pressure throughout the year, but the lack of polish with the ball has been frustrating. Hope he takes some confidence from this performance because he’s been getting to good spots, but not taking advantage.
Has good competitive instinct, seems willing to do the hard things for the team, and has surprised with his ability to compete in the making contest.
Now just needs to do those typical small forward things à la last night’s second goal, and we’ll have a handy small forward to complement our slowly evolving forward mix.

He was 11.6 before last night, and a lot of his shots are good crumber’s shots, hemmed in on the boundary with no time.

Not been a terrible finisher at all.

(GWS game he missed a couple)


This is very good

The numbers look good, but that’s not how I’ve seen it. He was missing gettable shots, but more to the point, he was fumbling when he needed to be clean, missing teammates with basic skill errors, and showing indecision at crucial times.
Nonetheless, he’s inexperienced and has demonstrated good effort from the get go.

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