#47 Jye Menzie - till 2024

Menzie’s top speed is fine. He just takes a while to get there

He’s had 10 shots on goal this year, for 2.4.

He has some attributes and I don’t mind them looking at him in a different role, but a small forward needs to be opportunistic, and he is isn’t that.

His goal kicking was much better last year, but he still missed some shots in big games at important times. The pressure doesn’t sit well with him, I feel.



He played like a natural crumber when he first arrived playing VFL. I get the feeling he plays more more his defensive role at AFL level and is caught up field when he should be closer to goal. Probably under instructions from the forwards coach. Should let him just use his instincts.

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Yeh, you have a point, part of Brads game plan is to make us a forward half team. But concentrating on tackling defenders when they get the ball runs counter to getting the ball and kicking goals. The name of the game for a great small forward is to know when to take the risk of switching mode, then having the power to break the tacking attempt and compose yourself to take the shot.
16 behinds from 60 inside 50s tells a story.

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Needs to talk to Tippa !

Sorry to everyone that thinks he can play - but what weapons does he actually have to make him an AFL player? sizex strengthx speedx skillx The AFL is supposed to be for the elite players and he is mediocre at best.

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There are very few elite players in the AFaiL, and they are sprinkled across all 18 lists.

We’ve won or drawn every game Davey has played. Our transition going to defensive mode has been terrible since Jye came in. In saying that he looked a lot better off half back than up forward. As BS said he has never played back in his life. So with that in mind he did a great job