#47 Jye Menzie - till 2024

FYI - This is my 3rd Jye.

The other Jye (once recruited) will beat both the other two Jyes.

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I have no idea what any of you crazy people are on about.

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My nephew’s name is Jye. (He’s 10)

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Wasn’t even the worst thing said about the captain in the thread

I have a concreter doing some work at my house who’s name is Jye.

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Has a good build. Sturdy. Low centre of gravity.

Kick goals please.

What did @aceman say to get banned

Looks physically ready.

Does he run both ways? The (very small amount) of video floating around shows him only running in one directions…

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Settle mate, don’t set the bar too high!

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Long torsos make it hard to limbo. Therefore I’m not sure Cahill would be good at getting under a low bar either.

Get out.

Swagger which we need

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Someone said he tore shreds off Hepp lol

But i thought our whole team was small, inevitability someone has to play forward…

BTW i think our average height of our senior squad is now down to 1.3m


I don’t think we need to complain about a small forward being small.


Where did he play in TAS?

I’m sure he keeps it simple and goes with Men-ZEE, but since there’s no ‘s’ at the end, I’m not entirely sure about the Scottish pronunciation. Menzies is meant to be MING-iss apparently, but is Menzie ‘MING-yie’? Hard to tell from this article:


Looks a lively type, fits a need.

Great recruiting.


North Hobart according to social media.