#47 Jye Menzie - till 2024

He’s an interesting one, he does some good things, but lacks a yard and is often a “nearly” player. But young, might get better

It never fails to amuse me, how after a loss or few that the snarks start circling looking for and finding half the team to load into the nearest cannon. Caldwell didn’t have the greatest game, neither did half a dozen others. He will improve and be an integral part of the midfield due to the defensive pressure he brings.


I particular like the parts where he is first to the ball, thinks he has someone on his tail but doesn’t, so almost throws the ball away in the worry he is going to be tackled, when nobody is even close to him :sweat_smile:.

I do like his tackling and strength over the ball though, which is a relief in a team with so many weak bodies.

It will click with him eventually.

You can’t question his endeavour or attitude to never give up.

He looks like a footballer


Making it as a permanent fixture at AFL level as a small forward is difficult when speed/pace isn’t a stand out trait. You’ve got to be very, very good in other areas and be lethal with the opportunities you do get.


I’ve been a big fan of his watching him last year in the VFL, but a lot of what I’ve liked is evaporating from his game at the moment. Some time in the VFL probably the way to go. I’ve really liked Wanga’s form recently, otherwise Snelling or even Massimo as a small fwd.

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I have no problem with him maybe needing some vfl time but please dont replace him with mass, no quicker, no better in the air and 100% softer

Massimo is definitely quicker & when played forward has hit the scoreboard more. Both offer zero in the air & have no physical presence. Having said that I think Snelling is clearly the guy who should be played in front of Menzie as a small forward. Jye needs more VFL time & same with Jnr.


He seems to chase a lot, and run a fair bit, but like someone said in another thread, is Ham MkII.

There is a footballer in there, he’s just a panic merchant with the ball at the moment.

It also helps if the ball actually gets down there, and if when it does the opposition aren’t both out marking your talls AND have a spare man you have to compete with.

There was a reason none of our small forwards, or even really the mediums, had good nights.


I disagree on the physical presence completely

Jye tackles with intent, hes a bit of an angry dwarf


Sorry Captain, i agree with you on most things but disagree totally on Menzie. In fact I am in the camp that he will be delisted at seasons end. He has not shown he has the athletism or the pace required, and his football talent is not to the level to compensate for the defencies. Will revisit at the seasons end. Half the tteam into a canon is too much, but we need a big canon before we improve.

I was talking about Caldwell and said so in my post. I have serious question marks over Menzie and his ability to make it.

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He laid a really good tackle last night but thats the only physical thing I can remember him doing. Plenty of times he’s needed to stand strong in a contest & been found wanting. He’ll get stronger no doubt but when you’re slowish (as he is) you need to be stronger over the ball & learn to use your body in marking contests.

Our tackling inside 50 needs to be upped if we want to improve our forward pressure and provide more scoring options. Tippa once did that for us but not many of our forwards do.

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I think thats possibly Snellings best attribute & why I can’t believe he’s not being played in front of Menzie & Davey at this point. Both will get there but right now they need to be developing in the VFL.


i stand corrected, we still agree on most things


Isnt that what the fans want “play the kids”

The club is doing that in playing the likes of Davey and Menzie and they now should be dropped and replaced with an older player

Probably ranks below Nick Kommer in the late pick small forward category