#47 Jye Menzie - till 2024

I think he is doing a lot right, but just can’t make it work yet. Time will tell, he only needs one breakout for everybody to see it. He is crafty and has real intensity to his game.


Some want to play kids regardless of merit or form and some want the club to have a standard and believe that playing kids when they are not physically ready can do more harm than good. I think Davey in particular would be far better off playing a full VFL game than a senior sub at this stage.

Snelling is 25 bro. He aint exactly Yoda.


The coaches must rate him to keep playing him over snelling.
I still think this kid has a future.
He’s a smart and motivated player.
Right now, in a team getting smashed on inside 50 differentials, he’s really struggling.

I’d love to see the pressure side of his game increase. Small forwards have little say in their scoring opportunites, but they can control their intent at the contest and oppo players.

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in the game thread someone said that about shiel

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Ned Cahill clone. Unfortunately you need a one wood as an AFL footballer, not sure Menzie has it.


I really want him to succeed as our dearth of quality small forwards has killed us recently, but his lack of standout traits is hurting him, bad.

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He couldn’t take his marks. If that was the only thing he changed last night he would’ve had a much better night.

I’m not saying he’s the finished product but the will for it is there which gives him a head start on a pretty large % of our list in that department

At least means if he can develop the strength and learn the techniques he has a chance

I don’t quite understand the Menzie hate he applies pressure kicked a goal and gave an easy one to walla.
In terms of small forwards he is ahead of Davey and offering more than walla both seem to be avoiding criticism


White Cory delolio.

The problem with Ham wasn’t what he did in his first year - the problem was he wasn’t any bigger, stronger or harder 3 years later.

There’s ■■■■ all footballers who come into the system ready made.
Barely any available at pick 11642, like Menzie (essentially) was.

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He’s… alright. I could see him going either way TBH.

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No doubt it’s fifty fifty I was just pointing out the others have been worse.

So far he is an almost player.

Almost kicks the goal, almost takes the mark.

If he starts turning them into did rather than almost did he’ll be a hndy player.

He also seems to get into the right positions a lot but doesnt seem to get used by teammates.

He plays his role when he doesnt have the ball so stays in for the moment.

There will come a time when he needs to start delivering but for now he is worth persisting with


Not sure that he’s an upgrade on Waterman


he’s got 6 years to get enable a reasonable comparison given he’s 6 years younger

Needs to work on his hand when the ball is above his head.
He drops quite a few marks.

With no one pushing for his spot his got time to develop. But once we draft Nick the Wizard Watson lookout!

Del wasn’t white?

He was Italian