#47 Jye Menzie

Suprised they hadn’t signed him up sooner, yes he kicks goals but i also like the fact that he is a decent size and he doesn’t mind laying a tackle.


I saw on social media that Menzie and Durham are both in Paris with Andy McGrath. He must have gotten their signatures for the fresh contracts.

Two great signings.


Great to hear! Best of luck for the upcoming year Jye!

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Happy for Jye.
Did everything right last year
Also appreciate that he’s had to work his ■■■ off to get into the system.
Feel he has a lot of offer


Very happy with this.

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it’s funny for all the lack of development talk that’s been thrown around since the review (and fairly so to a degree) the club seems to have had relatively decent success so far in picking up mid season players and spp players.

I think the above sums it up, there’s actual evidence and proof of the player being willing to work hard to get their shot, instead of merely hoping the talented kids in the draft have the right mindset to do the hard yards.

would be interesting to get a behind the scenes look at what personal traits and attributes both areas have.

I hope he gets a fair crack at it next year, altho i’m struggling to see how as there’s a pretty big log jam happening now in relation to a ■■■■ ton of small forwards.


As it stands, he is my pick to line up round 1 in a forward pocket.

A lot may change between now and then, particularly if Tippa gets fit, or a Wanganeen or Davey completely lights up the track, but currently he is our best option.


he has a bit of x factor to me. looks very capable and could be a find, especially next year after having a proper pre season and not coming in and expecting to perform half way through the season.


Tipping this guys bandwagon will be full in no time, always love to see a player make it after going the long way around and great to have a Tassie boy on the list …Go Jye !


I’m onboard. There was something there last year I liked, and hopefully a full pre-season will keep that momentum going.

He got a bit of a wrap on SEN too I read, with David King calling him out as catching the eye in the training scratch match. Which echoes what some of the training reporters are saying as well. He’s in my round 1 team


Has made every post a winner since being picked up as a little known MSD draftee. At the moment I don’t see why he wouldn’t be in the best 22 with Walla because we desperately need goal kickers. Menzie seems to have that irreplaceable nack for kicking goals which we have missed since Orazio left.

Personally if Walla was fit I would lock him and Menzie in the forward line and only then start looking at fitting in your Guelfi/Snelling types.

FF: Walla - Wright - Stringer
HF: Menzie - CHF - Guelfi

Bench - Alwyn/Snelling

It seems more common for people to call him Menzies instead of his actual name Menzie. Is this an autocorrect thing?

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That’s my mistake. I suppose Menzies is a more common last name

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He’s mine you slugs, I was first* - scroll up and also check my sporadic, cryptic posts on the VFL matchday threads! Now form an orderly queue.
(*Might not have actually been first, and might want to wait for the first preseason game at least)

It is in Australia, anyway. Just call him Ming. Problem solved.

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It would be magnificent if Menzie made it into the best 22.

We need to temper expectations though.

Remember Ben Ronke at Sydney ;7 goals in his 3rd game.


Menzie has done well to get into best 22 considerations, and arguably deserved more matches last year.

Dont ask him for any trade rumours though.


Did some really nice things at VFL and AFL level last year. A long way to go, but has some promise. It will be interesting on how attacking versus defensive the forward line is under Scott; decisions like that will be significant for Menzie’s chances of getting games.


Ants can see into the future!


I have big hopes for Jai Menzies this year.