#47 Peeto



...3 games

Good year, Peedo!

A bit grumpy.

Don't think he is what we need. Like the guy, puts in, but just hasn't got it at this level I don't think. No speed, no tricks. Good VFL player and handy back up.





sorry peeto

Should be / could be / hope to be the damaging small forward we desperately need. 

peet'o delolil'o

Only guy on the list that "lol" actually fits perfectly into.

persistant, annoying.

but youd probably enjoy a beer with him.

He has shown glimpses, admittedly better in the VFL. Hope he gets a good run in 2014 and steps it up a little. I still hold some hope.

All show, no go unfortunately. Looks like the absolutely perfect prototype of ‘what we need’ but has never actually delivered on it. Maybe one day he will. Maybe he won’t. Maybe a lot of things.

Seems to be a little short of pace to be a quality AFL small forward

Peedo had a so so year.

He isn’t the small forward we need, he is the one we deserve.

I would upgrade him from rookie if Davey isn't there in 2014

I like him, and would like to see what he is capable of after an extended run in the ones. Knocks on his pace are exagerrated. He has footy smarts, and knows where the goals are. He reminds me of Ron De Lulio from Carlton for some reason.

I'm with Dill. All I'll say is "no tricks" is plain wrong.


All I wanna do is see him given a fair crack. Came in against GWS (yeah, GWS), 2nd best on behind Trav and then played in our two biggest thumpings of the year (and still managed to scrounge a goal in each) in the hardest position to play on the ground in a thumping (aside from perhaps the Gumby role) then went out. If you'll recall, similar story last year too.


He also has good hands for his size. And I agree with Dill, pace worries are exaggerated. No he's not Alwyn Davey fast but is Alwyn Davey Alwyn Davey fast anymore? And if he was, is that the most important thing for him? With Alwyn as our best 22 small forward 29, finally reached the fabled 100 games and on borrowed time (perhaps only saved by our draft sanctions), I'd have Dell on the senior list and given a fair crack.


Trav is not a small forward, and I hear people saying in the Nick Kommer thread "just needs to kick more goals, would like that in his game", well guess what, he won't. He will end up moving up the ground a bit. You want Nick Kommer 2013 with more touches and more action up the ground? That's Nick Kommer 2014 (or so goes the plan). Nick Kommer with more goals is Cory Dell'Olio. And if it's worth anything one of his coaches has told me as much.


But I've said it all before hahah.

More goal sense than Jetta and Kommer combined.

How many did he kick in the VFL?

More goal sense than Jetta and Kommer combined.
How many did he kick in the VFL?

Maybe you could enlighten us.

Loving Lee's commentary at the moment.

Saw flashes. Really can't judge until he gets an extended run of games, whether this happens, who knows? 
Agree with Peeto, I see Kommer pushing further up the ground and harassing with a bigger tank, he's not going to develop a goal sense over one offseason (would love to see him kick a few more though - would make him that much more valuable). 
Will be interesting to see if we pick up a small forward in the draft (Garlett?) or we persevere with Del and Davey for another year.