#49 Matt Dea


They got lucky.


Yes they did and like Essendon, Hawthorn and Doggies before them they won’t even make finals this year. You know, good luck to them and their supporters but I’m so sick of seeing Dusty’s mug plastered everywhere. Bring on the season … 71 days and counting!


No doubt they got lucky. However delisting Dea is hardly lol as he is purely a depth player for us. We’ll need quite a few injuries for him to get a game.


Totally disagree, I reckon he’s a big chance to play in the senior side this year


We had a very lucky run with injuries in 2017. Dea is just behind our other players. It’s great to be able to call up someone of Dea’s caliber, who is borderline 22 rather than dropping a significant amount of talent to cover another player.


He may but he is purely a depth player and it will take injuries. Nothing against Dea and I think he’s decent depth.
We were lucky with injuries last year but our list is stronger this year.


Yep. Can this be changed?


Felt he played a very good game in the intraclub.

Just knows how to read the play and get to the right spots.

A really solid footballer, and very happy to have him on the list.


I still really rate him.

I think it’s important to note that last year we had very few injuries to our mid height and rebounding defenders (Gleeson, Baguley, Hurley). I reckon if one of them goes down Dea will be straight in.


Lots of talk about how we run our defence. Hurls, Ambrose, Hartley has been run quite often but I think we can fit dea in

He’s tough. He’s got decent disposal. And I reckon he’s attacking out of defence because he can take it on a bit. He’s too good for the vfl. I hope we find room for him


I think if he finds a place in the 22 that it will be at the expense of Bags.


He doesn’t do a lot wrong.


How about just, Matt Dea?
Do I really need to see Richmond Wins Premiership every time I look at blitz?


Still reckon hes next in line for the small defender spot over McNiece. Rate Dea in the air and reckon hes much stronger one on one than McNiece.




Depends on how they want to go. If they want a more defensive player, then Dea is probably the man. They want more run and rebound, it’s probably McNiece. Either way, he is a very handy guy to call upon when required. If you have 6-8 very good footballers worthy of senior selection missing out every week then your list depth is in a good spot.


The other element is height and marking ability. Dea would be better than McNiece in those areas as well.

What I don’t like is Dea being brought in as an under-sized KP player. He struggles at this, as would most players of his height. If he comes in, it needs to be on small or medium forwards.


I also thought he stood out in the intra club, at least in relation to the expectations on him. Would be very happy with him in the first team. A real competitor


I thought he did really well in the intra club match. Would be rapt to see him in the senior side at some point if he can play like that. Doesn’t do much wrong, ultra reliable.


Got pantsed by watts didn’t he?