#49 Matt Dea


List management don’t

Nor has he actually been picked to play on small fwds when in our side


McNeice is a Cat B rookie while Dea is a primary listed player. Not an apples to apples comparison in terms of list makeup.


I liked Dea. Very honest and solid in the air. If Gleeson returns, Francis continues, Ridley develops, and then there’s Ambrose and maybe Rodman depending on where he plays, then I’m not sure he’d have been needed much. AFL quality for a team that needs a good citizen. Suns?


No more Jerrett or Colyer

He’s it. Hence Dodoro said expect to see him play in senior side more often next year.


We have issues if he is playing regularly


Thanks for your service.
The club has made the right decision.


I remember one of the last days of school in Year 12 and Matt had just returned from the U18s State Combine. When I asked him about it, Matt said he was extremely humbled to be invited and was incredibly lucky to even be considered. Matt was the nicest bloke in the schoolyard and never dared boast of his accolades. He never spoke ill of those below him.

Brisbane, Adelaide and Richmond were interested and his name was called up at a pick in the 40s. Matt was an exceptional junior basketballer who came to footy a bit later and for that, he may have been behind a lot of others in his draft class on pure talent.

Matt never dropped his head even when he was beaten by those with more natural talent. He was willing to put his body on the line whenever it mattered, time and time again.

To Matty, thank you so much for putting your hand up to help your boyhood club in our time of need.


Awesome, he definitely gave his all


RIP Darli


Would much rather try and re invent him up forward and keep him for another year than keep Long

Thanks for everything Dea


Well ain’t this a great big bowl of butts.


Hope they give him a 500k/3 year contract.
Also… Is Rodman playing tall?


Being compared with Rodman wouldn’t be a good Korea move.


He was our most reliable defender for a stretch this year. I simply do not understand giving McNeice a contract but not dea. Or even without comparing him, hes worthy of a spot anyway I reckon


Never easy saying goodbye to players who give 100% to the club and supporters.
Best wishes in the future, if he takes on life the way he took on footy he’ll have a great journey ahead of him.


Count me down as a big fan of his. Disappointed he’s gone but understand the call with the depth that we have in his position.


The Victorian Police Force is interviewing people now. My nephew has just passed his psyche test. Next intake early next year I believe.


McNiece was demoted Rookie B. Since no one else can be a Rookie B essentially delisting him and having him play VFL but with the potential to play him in case of an LTI for a cost of $60k or SFA. Smart IMO.


Apart from the fact that Dea and McNiece play totally different roles. And totally different styles. And are totally different.


They accept applications all year round and recruit squads are filled on an order of merit basis. Just more and more go through the Academy when Government announce more funding for additional numbers.