#49 Matt Dea


Two Most Courageous awards in his three years at the club sums him up. A big thanks for his efforts, hopefully he gets picked up by another club if he chooses to continue with footy.


I’ve mates who have gone through the police academy recently and others who have gone through fire. Fire is insanely hard to get into. Like 1000 applicants for 20 positions type hard to get into. The bulk of their assessments are designed to cut down the pool of applicants to a manageable number. Police is relatively easy as they are looking for bulk numbers. Someone like Dea would walk into the police academy within 3-6 months.


Thanks Matty
You will always be a champ


I actually like McNeice but I rate dea higher as a general defender in any aspect. I also said even without comparing them. But I’d pick dea yo play over McNeice in a final. In any role

I don’t think it’s the right decision but it is what it is. I think he still has a lot to offer


Yep, I like Dea too.
But he and McNiece aren’t in any way going for the same gig.
And realistically, once we gave a new contract to Ambrose, Dea was always going to go.


Harsh delisting but the right decision. Deserved another contract based on form but he is a victim of younger players with more upside coming through.

If he is getting games it’s ahead of someone like Francis, ridley, gleeson or redman. All of those guys have potential to be 10 year players for us.

Ambrose can handle the key forwards better. Dea a little undersized for that role but always did a great job when asked.

Deserves a spot more than mcneice but mcneice is getting a gig because his mum was born in India. Same reason he got a chance ahead of heppel junior.

If mcneice couldn’t be retained as a b list rookie he wouldn’t be on the list.

Matt dea can be well and truly proud knowing he gave everything. The club is a better place for his contribution.


Sad to see him go. He gave his all, fearlessly. There was never any doubt as to his commitment. We need men like that.

And if Ambrose breaks down again, who can fill his shoes now ?


Agree on Dea, but Ambrose is backup, so why would you panic over backup for the backup?
And realistically if that happened, someone would have to tighten up, and then we bring in a youngster for a more free flowing role.


The Paddy Ambrose I remember from two seasons ago was best 22…


Ambrose might be back up to you but every time he’s fit Woosha brings him in.


Does he drop Francis for him?


Except then Hooker was playing fwd and we didn’t have Francis fit and firing.


I think Dea is a bit stiff. I understand the decision, we just had too many of that type on the list, but I don’t reckon he ever did much wrong in his time with us.

Hard not to have a soft spot for those who busted their ■■■ for us in 2016, and Dea certainly did that.

All the best to him.



I’m sure he will get game time at some point, but Francis has stepped up, our game style has changed, and I can’t see Ambrose being the walk up start he was.


Some had the same argument for Colyer, as in the every time fit he plays as he is valued, but we just got rid of him for nothing.

Times change and lists improve.

Ambrose is no longer in our best back 6 when we now have Hooker back and the roles he would play are taken by Hurley & Francis.


There are times when I wonder if our list management team are on exactly the same page as our coaching team.


Get a room you two


Lol Richmond


Very disappointed. Dea will be missed


Age article says he’s the last of the top ups, but what about Brown?