I’m getting the camping/off road bug biting again so thought I’d start this thread to get some stories, recommendations, tips, etc.

I haven’t been able to get out for a few years but have spent many nights under the stars in the Grampians. I used to live and work in Halls Gap for a few years so used to spend many hours driving through the park and surrounds.
Since moving to Qld I have enjoyed some beach trips and apart from sand everywhere, they’ve been great.

Anyway, fire away…always happy for camp oven recipes too!!

Is there a caravan that can set up in under 20 mins that sleeps 4?

I’ve never done the caravan thing but my folks have one with an awning and pop top. Takes my dad about 5 minutes to set both up. I’m sure you can get different sleeping set ups to match.

The folks have a Paramount Duet, the beds are on each end and they fold out, bit like the pop up camper style.

By myself I can set it up in about 15-20 mins. If you want to set up the annex as well, then that takes about another 15 mins.

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My neighbours have got a Fiat tricked up by those RV mobs who do that sort of thing (Avila?). Cost them 140 large but reckon it’s the mutt’s nuts.

A soft floor camper trailer is on the cards for us. Can pick up a second hand one for a few grand.

Love camping, but not in caravan parks or such like. Love finding out of the way places, preferably near a river. Have a few hidey-holes I visit. Mates and I go on a big one annually. Everyone gets hammered. Saw a UFO about the size of a pea while I was face-down in a muddy track last year. And I wasn’t the only one. Also - trapped a fox on a dare. Set it free.


Wife and I have talked about doing the same but she has had both back and hip surgery in the recent past so might have to do the caravan thing purely for comfort. Got a big tent and a swag for boys trips or taking the kids out

The best way to do it.

Campfire, alcohol and no neighbours lead to some of the best tales

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Somewhat related to the OP.
It’s amazing what people are doing to 2nd hand Cargo Vans (Mercedes Sprinter or Renault Master) with 5-10k and 3-6 months of working weekends on the Van.

Pretty much building a complete off grid home.
Advancements in Solar Power systems over the past 10 years make this an option of alternate living for those inclined.

Not for everyone obviously, but it’s do-able, as evidenced by the growing number of build out videos on YT.



If anyone is interested in a competition to win $100k+ worth of 4x4 and camping set up, follow this link.

It’s free and takes 30 seconds. Obviously bugger all chance of winning but wouldn’t it be awesome!

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I basically live for camping, 4wding and the like

Own a GU patrol, lifted, muddies, rear draws, rooftop tent, lightforce spotties, uhf, hot water system, canvas seat covers blah blah the list goes on. Love to sit around a fire with mates, beers, camp cook ups and what not. It’s good for the soul!

Over here is awesome for exploring. The NW of wa has some of the most remarkable things you’ll ever see


The best life, man :slight_smile:


My dream is to travel from here (Brisbane) up and across the top and down to Perth. One day.
I spent a little bit of time in the Territory years ago and I love the landscape. Northern WA appeals massively.
Kids and a wife change the dynamics. I used to take a swag, an esky and a camp oven basically. Now my hilux needs an extension almost.

I think you should take a bit longer than one day, to savour it properly.


Are you ahead of Ivan Milat yet?

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Nice dad joke :ok_hand:


We were camping at least every second weekend in winter when I lived in Hedland (and nearly the same in summer). You are right, unbelievable countryside. Geez I miss that so much,

Cape Leveque FTW IMO.

Though I was in a safari tent, but it was unreal.

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Cape Leveque - What a place.
Was there twenty years ago and slept in a tent under one of those beach shelters.

And WOB is right - top of WA is amazing but Karinjini NP is the best.

Has a natural obstacle course called the Mad Mile.