4x4 Wheeeelin - Mods and What-Not

Opening up the chat for all things 4x4

I’ve just gone out and acquired myself a new Triton GLX + and interested to know if many of the crew on Blitz are like minded. Love to pick your brains.

ive currently got a 2016 ford ranger, great car. have previously had a patrol which was pretty kitted out


Thread title misleading. I’m not required.

Though I do own a 4x4 Triton.


Mods so far Razorback steel canopy and Kickass Battery Box with Itech lithium battery and volt meter.

I’m looking at a 2" Lift, Falken Wildpeak At3 265/70/17 when I get home from work.

Bullbar and winch will need to wait for funds!

lol yeah sorry mate you are not needed but you are more than welcome!

Both nice rigs mate!

Great set up there with the ranger. What do you think of the snorkel performance wise? Looks bloody awesome! Who does the bullbar? Cant quite make it out.

I’ve currently got a 2014 Dmax. but I’m looking at getting either a 2016 Hilux sr5 or Ranger xlt. Any ideas which is better? It’s going to be a trade vehicle and rarely used off road. Oh yeah go Dons!

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Personally I’d go the Hilux at that year model. My brother and a couple mates have had or still have the Hilux and it’s just a brilliant rig.

Nothing wrong with the ranger either apart from the fact that my mate whos a mechanic hates working in the engine bay, apparently lay out is shitee.

Crazy what they are both still worth…

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Cheers for the info. Yeah I can’t get over how much they are going for. I was hoping on only spending $40, 000. But it will be more likely $45,000-$55,000.

My one and only proper 4x4 (and only car currently) is a 2002 V6 3.5 Jackaroo, which I really only bought 6-7 years ago to tow a big trailer sailer which I no longer have. Cost me $7.5k from a dealer with 126k on the clock. Recently replaced the clutch due to an incident towing the boat 3 years ago where I misjudged a corner and took the axles off the trailer on a traffic island (oops) and then dragged it out of the traffic lane with locked wheels (smoked up the clutch big time). It’s now done 155k and I’ve given it one major service, though I change the oil and filter religiously every 10k. I wouldn’t mind something more modern, but there’s nothing really wrong with old the Holden (Isuzu motor) and the cost for upgrading just seems ridiculous. I frequently note when driving around the number of late model 4x4s on the road - there must be an element of keeping up with the Jones’s going on here, surely, as many would be lucky to see dirt at all.
I have an all-rounder deep cycle/starter battery which I haven’t tested the capability of regards powering externals. Instead, I use the deep cycle battery from the boat to power a 50L fridge, and keep it charged with a 160w solar panel on the roof basket. In my 3 week road trip from Brisbane to Melbourne and back last month (4500 km) the battery never dropped below medium charge, even with the fridge running all day at 4c in a hot parked car under partial shade. Otherwise, I have a heavy duty tarp and 3 telescopic poles rolled up in one side of the basket to make an awning instead of the ubiquitous pre-made attachment. Put in a headlight globe upgrade and I think it’s had a suspension upgrade with a possible lift before I got it, but otherwise it’s completely stock.
Haven’t done a lot of 4x4 with it outside of a few Moreton Island (sand) trips and numerous steep boat ramps, but it’s never let me down. Haven’t had it in the mud or clay that’s more common down south.
It’s a pretty thirsty beast, getting about 8km/L if I’m lucky, but I’m not parting with it anytime soon (use a motorbike for urban transport). I don’t see many of these cars around and I know the diesel versions had some issues, but I’m still puzzled as to why it was so cheap, as I reckon I could easily get my my money back tomorrow. I guess the point of all this is that off-roading doesn’t have to coast an arm and a leg. How much off-roading are you really going to do, and if it’s a lot, who wants to take a pristine vehicle out into the bush?


105 Series Landcruiser 1FZ petrol guzzler but very capable vehicle. Purchased for $4800 prior to Covid. All budget mods including draws dc to dc charger winch . Nice set of Simex Jungle Trekkers 2 (33’s) and pioneer head unit and Sony speakers :man_dancing:


There you go. Don’t need to spend half your annual income (or more). Presumably though, late models are much better re fuel costs.

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ranger is a comfier ride than the hilux.

both have good retail value.

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performance wise it actually dropped my fuel consumption and its a little more responsive.

since that, i have had it dyno tuned and its the best thing i ever did. way more power, and ive dropped 4L per 100 towing my 2.5T work trailer. around town around 2.5L saving of fuel. whatever they do, it works. more power and less fuel!

my bullbar is ARB good bit of gear

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wholly Shitee that’s a massive gain with the tune.!

I don’t tow at the moment apart for the odd occasion when I borrow my brothers boat. I mainly do beach North Straddie, annual trip Fraser and a few hunting trips. Don’t really see a need for a tune for what I do but if I towed a good size load I’d definitely look into it after hearing good reports.

Can’t go wrong with ARB bars but I do like TJM bars too. Still undecided on that one.