5 Aug 17 - Bombers v Blouse - Fark Carlton, now with photos!

Coming on to the field for a warm up.

The players run out for warm up in the shadow of the stands.

JoeDan warms up by shooting for goal in the dark.

As the players warmed up on the field this legend did a lap around the ground to the adulation of the Bomber faithful.

So close to greatness…

Dois greets the great man.

With warm up out of the way, Dois leads the boys onto the field for the real thing.

Not having paid their MCG expenses for the year the Blouse are forced to walk out in the dark.

Walla takes a moment to let it sink in.

Dois runs back to the huddle from the coin toss.

BJ looks downfield and wonders when they are going to turn the lights on!

Hooksy was clunking early.

BJ looks to spot up the open player.

Mr Football was racking up the early touches as the Bombers got off to a flying start.

Big Belly and Frakenkreuzer compete for the ball

Raz was all class early in the quarter.

Before pinging a hammy and finishing the game on the bench.

Great forward pressure put the Blouse under pressure.

JoeDan acknowledges the crowd after bombing it through the goals from 50 out.

And then gives some loving to Jobe.

Hooksy is on the board in the first quarter.

Walla gets around him

JoeDan on the run with a couple of bounces

And goals from top of the arc despite the closing Jones.

Casboult does a nose dive over Paddy’s shoulder.

BJ gets the ball away

Jobe moves to the contest

Dois played the Captain’s game and was in everything.

Conor McGregor looks to mount and rain down some hammer fists. Lucky that his right hook didn’t land as Wright got to his feet.

Belly and Frankenkreuzer clash again

Welcome back Paddy.

JoeDan rucks against Frankenkreuzer

Dois points the way.

Hooksy is spoilt on this attempt

BJ gives it a roost

Darce gets rid of the ball just as Jones wraps him up.

Dois with the Captain’s goal from beyond the 50 to steady the ship.

With a dip of the shoulder Walla sends the tackle of Smedts flying.

Bobcat gets a goal

Dois was throwing himself at the aerial contests.

Hurls gets the ball off of Smedts and gives him a jelly belly to go on with.

Myers was a bull in the contest and broke tackles and shrugged off players to keep the ball moving.

Zaka attempts to slip into warp drive

Apparently you can now tackle a player before he has taken the mark.

Dois stood up when we needed him to.

Conor with the quick hands as he gets wrapped up by Squibbs.

Harts looking to gather the ball in front of Curnow.

Frankenkreuzer misses the ball as Belly lays a palm down.

Woosha implores the players to keep playing at the 3/4 huddle and also gives confirmation that he is not using botox.

Hooksy gets rid of the yips in time to put the Bombers back in front.

Game over thanks to Walla’s run through the middle and goal from 35 out.

Ever a gentleman, Walla helps Simpson back to his feet after the siren.

JoeDan hands off the little footy to a little fan.

Hooksy with the high fives going down the race.

Dois and Myersy celebrate going down into the rooms

See the Bombers fly up, up!

Peek a …


We beat you.


Thanks WP! Brilliant on all accounts as usual!

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Cracking pics

Loved those pics -particularly the Zaka slow shutter speed.

Fantastic. Thanks Warlock.

Wow, They are wonderful images. Thank you

Thanks again Warlock… Great work!