5 best games / 5 worst games you've been to

Thread title should be self explanatory, these have to best the best and worst you have attended. I miss a few classics but here are mine.

My 5 best:
2001 v Norf
The comeback game. Norf couldn’t do anything wrong, I’d written us off when Burton slotted on me from the pocket but even now watching the replays i don’t know how we won it. Lloyd simply phenomenal.

2011 v Geelong
Hirdy and Bomber v the cats for the first time. Felt like a long time since we had even gotten close to the cats and we beat them at their game. Melksham goal just an amazing moment

2009 v Collingwood anzac day
Yeah the zaka game. We had no right to win that, the greatest steal ever made.

2000 qualifying final v Norf
Lloyd kicked his 100th and we beat Norf by 125 points in total domination. If you want to see how awesome we were in 2000 then this match really sums it up.

2007 v West Coast
Probably my obscure pick. West Coast defending premiers and we were under siege from the first bounce. They were irresistible and sheeds knew it, we threw everybody back and held them to 5.5. What happened after that was remarkable as we slowly worked back into the game claiming the lead in the last, winning by a point. Sheedy was the master that night and lucas snagged 5

Worst games:
1999 prelim v Carlton
I really don’t need to go any further on this

1988 v Fitzroy
One of the earliest games i went to. Cold, wet waverly park game with essendon kicking only 3 points after quarter time.

2003 semi final v Port
Horrible game aside just one of the outright worst weekends of my life. All those hours in the car to see us kick 6 goals, port supporters after the game, friend getting sick. … just rotten

1990 semi final v Collingwood
When peter sumich hit the post causing the draw it turned the 1990 finals on its head. 2 weeks off playing and the dons were flat, and the flogging the pies gave us in this game was the confidence boost that led them to the 1990 flag

2015 v st kilda
110 point drubbing from the team directly below us on the ladder. We still had a sniff of finals and this is what we served up. The saints weren’t any good and we let them romp over us. Disgusting


the draw vs carlton where winders and demps did their acls started off great and was the worst game ive been to.

2001 vs north best for sure

Why? The injuries?

The game itself was an absolute cracker of a game.


Best 1993 gf. Worst 96 prelim.


I’d have to have a good think about it but Boris’ 9 goal comeback game in 96 might just about make top 5.


Yep true that one was a gem but I was in Bali at the time :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

2009 - ANzac Day (Zaharakis goal) Ryder ruck (Hille injured?) 93 - 88
2017 rd 1 Ess 116 def Hawthorn 91
2009 - Rd 3 Carlton v Essendon 116 - 112
2000 - rd 22 Ess 97 coll 78
2009 rd 20 Essendon stkilda 110 v 108

worst games
2011 final Blues 149 essendon 87
2008 Anzac Day Pies 154 Ess 81
2010 Anzac Day Pies 120 Ess 55
2011 Rd 4 draw with carlton

85 GF
99 Rd 17. Beat North. We were going to win the flag.
95 Anzac Day. Except for the fact it was a draw. That day made the modern Anzac Day.
Rd 22 90. All of the Daniher brothers in one game.
1989 Qual Final. Smashed Geelong.

99 prelim, obviously.
89 prelim
01 GF
90 GF
Some nondescript h&a game against Richmond at the MCG in about 2007 which was the worst standard of football I’ve ever seen…


Yeah we have a winner


Not only is that the best game I’ve been to, I feel it’s one of the best of all time.
Had a bit of everything


Carey kicked 10 and they still couldn’t beat us. Fantastic game of football.



84 GF
84 Prelim
Somewhere in the mid 70s…a home game against fark carlton…we got belted but the continual brawls throughout the game were quite enjoyable for a teenage me
84 SF…THE best game of football (result aside) that I have ever seen.


1998 vs Freo at Waverley
1986 Elimination Final v Fitzroy
1990 GF
1999 Prelim


I was at every single one of those games, (whoops, except 85 GF) and agree with your sentiments.

It was 2008 dreamtime, FWIW.

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Lloyd half volley from the old western stand pocket. Took Scotty Lucas to beat that goal 11 years later vs Richmond


Was that the game where Solomon got booked for kneeing Carey?

1993 Prelim.

Ive never felt anything else like it. Merc’s goal in the third nearly demolished the whole Mcg precinct.



  • Round 21, 2012 vs Carlton. Was obvious very early that we were broken. If there was any consolation from this game, it’s that Carlton fans were acting loud and arrogant the following week, only to be humiliated by Gold Coast in round 22, which ended their coach’s career and their finals hopes.

  • Round 19, 2004 vs Carlton. Utterly horrendous game of football from both sides. If it wasn’t before, the club was definitely poisoned by Essington following this game. What made this one worse, was that we belted the eventual premier the previous week.

  • Round 2, 2005 vs Carlton. My old man took me to the game, but we had to leave at 3 qtr time as something came up. I remember leaving the ground with us being 5 goals up, and by the time we got to the car from the ground, Carlton were infront. Yuck.

  • Round 3, 2007 vs Carlton.

  • Round 22, 2011 vs Port. We won this game, but we were horrible for all but the last 10 minutes of the game. Port had been belted by ridiculous margins the previous few weeks (I think they lost one by 165 points), so we let them run over us in true Essendon fashion. Our finals hopes would have gone up in flames if Hurley didn’t go up a few gears.


  • Round 14, 2003 vs St. Kilda. Hird and Lloyd at their absolute best as we utterly crushed the Saints, who had a decent record at Telstra Dome that year. My first ever game of footy I went to, and I remember Hird took a freakish mark at the beginning of the game.

  • Round 21, 2005 vs Carlton. Incredible day at the footy, and my favourite part was Mark Johnson of all players collecting a shitload of disposals and booting 6 goals. He was actually a very handy forward that year iirc.

  • Round 5, 2019 vs Norf. The AFL just HAD to bring us in to save their Good Friday match, after the very low crowd it got the previous year. In what was a stark contrast to our first few weeks of 2019, we ran riot against Norf, with Shiel leading the demolition in the middle. After one game, we were removed from this marquee fixture for 2020 because Norf are ■■■■, and the Bulldogs had a sook that they never get any marquee games. Jokes on them though, as they still won’t play on Good Friday in 2020.

  • Round 15, 2013 vs Port. This was a very entertaining game between a rising Port team, and an Essendon team that looked like it had finally turned the corner. Unfortunately, the saga would then go on to ruin our next 3 seasons, and Port just turned to utter ■■■■ (they also stole our star ruckman a year later, and continued to remain ■■■■).

  • Round 22, 2013 vs Carlton. How could I not mention this game? Hird’s last game as coach until 2015, and our performances the past month had dropped off after it had become evident we’d be booted from the finals. We were destroyed the entire night, but FC couldn’t put the ball in between the big sticks even if their lives had depended on it. We made a surge very late in the game, and hit the front after a Carlton idiot ran into his teammate, allowing Zaka to score the winning goal.


I won’t accept any other response then 99 preliminary final as the worst game to have attended.

Comeback game is the best game.


Worst for me was 2014 Elimination Final.

Absolutely ■■■■■■ one away, and given how Geelong played the next week, we ■■■■■■ away a chance at a Prelim too.


1990 grand final was worse for me.

But those two games are a clear 1&2.