#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)



Round 2 v Freo: 20 Disposals, 13 Tackles, 1 Goal
Round 6 v Melbourne: 22 Disposals, 6 tackles, 2 goals
Round 8 v FCFC: 21 Disposals, 15 Tackles
Round 14 v WCE: 23 Disposals, 6 tackles, 6 clearances, 3 goals

Feels good to have the number one pressure player in the comp!


It’s “FRITZ”, you philistines.



Stringer, Smith, Saad, Schache, Sloane!!!


Need to make it happen !


SOS must have photos and wag tell all stories on a lot of GWS players.
Anyway, although 24, Smith appeared to peak when he was 22 so he may have some upside. In 2015 he was the 4th best small forward in the comp.


Yes please, an older version of Jack Higgins


Essendon need a player, as much as i hate to say it, like Jack Ziebel.Strong inside powerful midfielder who can slide forward.

That more than anything.



Devon is ours


Devon could be the new Hams?


Played junior football as a mid/wing.
Has been been playing as a HFF with GWS simply because of their quality in the midfield.

I’m concerned about bringing in another midget.

Decent player tho.


No, it’s actually Stras(burg).


Hoping not.


Just revealed that Smith’s (and Jake Lever’s) manager Ned Guy has been appointed List Manager at Collingwood. Can’t recall ever before that a player manager has ever held such a position at a football club. How will that impact Smith and his destination?


Reminds me of a better version of Richard Douglas.


Fark me… that’s a new method of getting players. May work.


surely thats a conflict of interest


This is ridiculous, surely a player manager can’t become a list manager, especially at the same time? Surely the AFL wouldn’t allow that.


My 4 years working at a deli has my eye twitching at the thought of ■■■■ like devon/stras/whatever other over processed ■■■■ you guys eat.


Taking the Silvagni / Carlton method to new heights.


Don’t think we need this type of player. Surely we need to be chasing inside mids first and foremost.