#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


good point.

Saad, his family and cultural situation meant he wanted to come back to Melbourne. Essendon, footy wise, are an excellent fit for him. Plus with Orazio, and McKenna he has brothers in speed crime he has others to play off against and push himself.

Smith, wanted to play midfield, and we gave him that chance. And he has embraced the opportunity 100%. Plus with his knees we have the spongy floors.

Stringer, is the interesting one. Given the baggage he brought with him it could have been a disaster. So far it has been quite the opposite with him fitting in well – excellent rapport with Smith. The fasting with Saad is a massive tick to him both as a footballer but also personally. And on the field he has his role to be THE MAN and he has embraced playing that role. Whatever the club have done to manage Jake then well done. If he has success both on and off the field from his time at Essendon then it’ll be a fruitful and positive trade for player and club and the fans.


I’m going to try and gif Stringer deleting Smith with a chest bump after a goal.



Would be my top 4 in the B&F


Perfectly surmised Doe, that’s how I feel too.

Kinda like Luke Parker.


Zaka would have been top 3 before his injury


I reckon Hepp is currently on top.


Agreed. He was getting coaches votes (including from the opposition coach) when blitz was ■■■■■■■ and moaning about him.
And he’s been excellent since the Geelong game


Hands down, Smith is the best pick up of any team from last trade period, maybe the last 3 trade periods.

And some were comparing Watts, Rocky & Motlop to our 3, not even close.


he’s still getting better game to game too



The base our game is built around this bloke always plays at a high level which filters through the rest of the team

What a pick up


AA chance? Maybe the squad.


No chance. He’s been good. But not AA good when you look at his midfield competition.

Our only AA chance would be Saad I’d he keeps this form up.


Should be AA because hes the best pressure mid in the comp.

but its a bullshit team that only awards people that dgaf about defending.

look at all 5 hbfs they select each year.


That’s also true




Who will be the AA mids?


Good chances
N Jones

Obviously a couple of those haven’t had huge seasons but do have huge reputations.

Smith and Heppell have to force their way in there.


Just lobbed a fiver on him for the Brownlow into guelfi for rising star at odds of 12801/1 :slightly_smiling_face:


Smartest footballer that we have on our list


Cotchin a certainty? Really?

Out of that list, I’d have Higgins as pretty much a lock thus far


Higgins is a certainty