#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


What’s the news on his shoulder? Looked to be carrying something?


I’d reckon Cotchin would be leading their B&F…been sensational. Higgins has been A-plus too, as has Cunnington…and Sidebottom…and Cripps…I’d have Martin and the Geelong trinity missing out…but they won’t.


Essendon midfield?


Reckon it was his worst game of the year - It had to happen.


Deserved to have a week off


Just on the herald sun reading about how sad I am about Cyril’s retirement. Here I was genuinely not giving a stuff, but now I realise and accept that I should be distraught. Thanks Robbo.

Speaking of dickeds, next article to catch the eye was Bucky’s midseason review. I know we were pretty bad between round 2 and 8 (Port game aside), but this review is one massive turd, especially in regards to Smith and Saad.

Buckenara says: The Bombers haven’t lived up to the pre-season hype but in the last six weeks they’ve found their groove and are building towards a potential finals berth if everything goes right. While a lot of media focus was on a perceived lack of pressure around the ball and slow ball movement, I think Essendon has actually just been exposed for a lack of speed, particularly through the midfield. The long-term injury to Travis Colyer — it was great to see him return at the weekend — was a massive blow and the injury to Martin Gleeson, who can play small and tall, has created a bit of a flow on effect with Adam Saad perhaps not being able to get his game going as much as he could because there has been a lot of rotation in the small defender roles with Conor McKenna (suspension and form), Mark Baguley (form) and Andrew McGrath. Joe Daniher has obviously been a massive loss to their structure, although they have pretty good key position depth so have been able to cover him to an extent. Shaun McKernan has been a revelation up forward.

The Bombers nabbed three big names in last year’s trade period — Jake Stringer, Devon Smith and Adam Saad — and they arrived with big expectations but on exposed form from the first half of the season, I’d give them a cross for impact. But, there have been some good signs since their Round 13 bye and I think by the end of the season supporters will see the benefits — and new dynamic — this trio brings. I know there’s a lot of talk about Smith’s tackle and pressure numbers but in my opinion he hasn’t set the world on fire. Any player in this day can produce big tackle numbers because the game is so congested. I want to see him have more of an impact forward. He’s only averaging 20 disposals a game and has kicked just 10 goals. He was a scoreboard impact player at the Giants, so hopefully he can kick a few more goals in the run home. I think he has the ability to do a lot more. Stringer has been hot and cold and Saad hasn’t quite got his run and dash game going although his game against North Melbourne was a step in the right direction.

Winning five of their past six games has taken the pressure off but I think Essendon would have liked to have had at least 2-3 more wins at this stage of the season to be right up in that top eight and top-four mix. Destiny is in their own hands in terms of finals now with matches against Collingwood, Sydney, Hawthorn, Richmond and Port Adelaide in their last eight games, these are all teams they are competing against to earn a finals berth. Beat the majority of those games and the Bombers should play finals.


So Smith is making a strong play for the Crichton, but that’s a cross for impact as far as Buckenara is concerned.

Saad’s not fast enough for Buckenara - not enough excitement - another cross for impact.

Tough standards. Mind you, if we meet them, we will be better than Essendon in 2000.

Or he is simply a troll.


It seems people really will read anything that any Dikkhead has to say about anything AFL related.



My take from that article is that Buckenara has not watched Essendon. Smith’s pressure is more than just tackles. Leg speed through the midfield hasn’t been an issue since Round 8 when we turned around our form. I could go on…


It’s like word salad.


Buckenara looks like he has been watching replays of our 2010 season.

Absolute dickbag extraordinaire.


Bloke probably still thinks the Hawks can win the flag


Once they get Cyril back they will be fine!


Strange dude.


This article shows how much Bucky knows about Essendon. Nuffink.

If it keeps the spotlight off the team for a little longer though, l will be well pleased.


Do you forget where you are?


31 possessions and a huge 39 pressure acts.

Some of his tackling today was next level.


Would have probably got thrashed if he wasn’t playing only if the rest of his team mates showed that type of comiment.


Need 2-3 more like this bloke.
Do we know any shady doctors who can clone him?


Games like today show why he’ll win the bnf and not Hep