#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)




His only blemish is that he failed to make the distance from 45~50 twice. Although I’d say his legs would be knackered from all that running and tackling

And ■■■■ that maggot who paid that free kick against him for a dangerous tackle


AKA the perfect tackle.


Feel sorry for him he’ll have farked calfs by the end of his career from all the running and tackling he does.


He must be so far ahead at this stage of the season.


There’s a whole new world waiting.




Now leading tackles by 19 from the next best in the league (126 vs 107).

In other words, he’s not as good as Hayley Bullas.


Yep, the take home message from Devon Smith playing well in the Devon Smith thread is that Heppell won’t win the b n f.


Should be an automatic inclusion into the leadership group next season, don’t even hold a vote


This bloke was pepper and salt, in everything. Gee he’s a good player. I wish half our players had his passion and desire for the contest.


Dev has made Kane Corne’s team of the week.

We would be an entirely different team without him in it.



Cornes can go eat a big bag of dicks.
5, at least.


Guelfi rising star, they have practically already given it to stephenson…every media guy has flogged their log over him.


West Indian or Japanese?


The bag is a large bag.


We will be caca with out him


Kane Cornes has a team of the week?! I guess the AFL will give a job to anybody now


COMO clinic??


In many ways my friend.