#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


I think fritsch has flown under the radar. His last 7 weeks have been very solid


There’s a good reason for that. He’s been the standout. Very impressive player. Only guy who could possibly challenge him would be Doedee.


If Eddie kicked that goal it would be in GOTY discussions.


Very under the radar - probably cos he’s not eligible (turned 21 in December, missed the cutoff by about 2 weeks)


Witherden should be right up in calculations, although the judges don’t seem to know the eligibility rules.


Oh ya spewing?I didnt realise that at all!


Never seen an Essendon player in my life work so hard for the team. He chases, tackles, bumps, blocks etc. sometimes he will lay a tackle, run past a teammate during the same play and lay another tackle.

He is the perfect example of how much you can contribute to the team even when you don’t have the ball


WILL win goal of the year. Get voting people!

Amazing effort, that.


Yeah fair call. He is a star. Great user of the footy.
Ridley, please make it.


He is a Jack Russell in human form, only I don’t hate this one


For me



Has Smith got 1 foot in GOTY?


He does it every game and never stops like some sort of Termin…


Is it based on consistency?
Ronke and Rayner had better games.


Noticed him criticising team mates during this match…Hooker and Langford…needs to be careful he doesn’t go overboard, coz I think he can be so intense that he starts to criticise unfairly.


Unfairly? You would ave to know what he is saying before you can make that claim.


True…but with the Langford one it was clear…Langford shot back the universal body language for “You have got to be kidding, what you’re expecting of me would have been nigh on impossible”.


What to play football? How about he stops modelling as if he’s a wannabe Neo in the matrix movie…then winning games to get into the finals will be a hell of alot easier on our eyes.


Sure Banfield and Spargo would be a bit stiff!


He’s still walking the walk. Who cares.