#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Personally the way the game is played at the moment he should be the first small forward chosen as it’s revolutionary changed into a pressure role. Leads tackles, leads pressure, avg 20+ disposals and should have 20 goals by the end of the year.


$1000 fine for the trip apparently


Is there a gif of that goal celebration?

If he didn’t play for us I’d hate him so bad.


Reminded me so much of tim Watson’s dance after goaling in one of the 84/85 GFs.


It was more Bakes than Timmy.


Bloke’s in the top 20 players in the comp. Should poll well in the Brownlow. Absolute gun. How much coin would he demand in a trade now?


Oh my, that blind turn!
Thanks for the reminder.


Some one needs to gif his goal wins a 1v1,does a spin and snaps a goal


I have to take this moment to thank @karmabomber for relieving me of my Kav!-sourced “Ridiculously, Totally Wrong” title. Its been a long and gratifying time at the top, but i think its time to hand it on.


Yeah, you’re right, I’ll keep looking for the TW one though.

Great timing with hawks coming up.



Haven’t seen @karmabomber around these parts of late.
Anyone know what happened to him?
I miss the funny old bugger.


Devon caught up with him…


I thought he would be our best recruit, but jeepers he is better than could be imagined.

I love me back pocket/HBF and key position defenders (Fletch, Harvs, Dimma, Micky S, Hooker, etc.)

But this guy exudes everything a dour defender would. Man love.


The only thing against this is that he’s playing midfield, not small forward


Ummm, isn’t that where, why and how GWS played him and the reason he came to us was to get midfield time???


Not permanent midfield though. Plays majority as a high forward but hardly been used deep forward.


That was 2017 Dev, 2018 Dev is the consummate team player.

And a High HFF is basically a midfielder anyway, look at Kane Lambert he barely spends anytime in the forward line. And Dev would still have heavy stoppage rotations.


Let me tell you a story DJR. Many years ago, a work mate of mine who had a close association with the St.Kilda District Cricket Club, assured me that having watched Shane Warne bowl for the Club, that he’d be lucky to keep his place in the Firsts let alone play for Vic or Australia!

After the outcome of that prediction I relaxed. I’d never be able to match that poor level of judgment!

Well guess what? I still haven’t, BUT…I’ve definitely got two things badly wrong. Dev is a far better player than I ever saw at GWS and it’s clearly evident that Leon Cameron is a far poorer coach than I’d assumed.

Please accept my apology Bomber Blitzers!!! :grimacing:


You adapted quicker than @saladin on KAV…


look at all those sensible haircuts