#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Leon Cameron strikes me as pretty well paint by numbers. I reckon they’ll rue their missed chances in ‘16 and ‘17 for years, could’ve won both prelims.
The assumption was always they’s still on the up: doesn’t always work like that.


Didn’t stop them famously putting Pavlich at FB a few years ago, despite never playing there!


Or making it Rance captain


That goal celebration appears to be the ‘Game Over’ equivalent of Joffa’s gold jacket… he’s done it twice now following a last quarter goal that sealed the game. Love it!


Absolute terrier.


Did his block massively when … someone(?) had a shot at goal and didn’t see the short pass to him. Was going right off.


Nutbag, but we love him.


The guy is an animal on the field. Love it


He’s our nutbag.


Plays angry and intense.


That tackle on Lonie halfway through Q2 followed by a good mark that lead to the Hooker goal, Jet.


Devon sucks, it really really sucks. Devon sucks.


Can tell where he got the ■■■■-talking from: his dad dissed him nicely after the game.


Gee that was good


Love it :heartpulse:

Love having Stringer and Smith flying the flag


Has been nothing short of a phenomenal pickup but his best gift is still hopefully on its way. Let’s hope he convince his mate to follow in his footsteps and join us


will be on future stars at 12.30 ch 9



Their Twitter operator is not averse to just making up words to put between the quote marks.

(Yes, that probably better fits in the “death of journalism” thread.)


You mean there’s a player on the list that consistently plays an entire good year? Not just a good few weeks? WHAT?