#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Funny thing I read on bigfooty (while searching for Fantasia schadenfreude):
Smith went for a first round pick, and Polec is worth waaaaay more than Smith.
This wasn’t an out there position, it was the generally accepted view.


Chief club spruiker

“Oi interstate boys. Move home I tell ya. We good”

Devon Smith says joining Essendon best move of his career, says Bombers building similar to Giants

August 15, 2018 5:00pm

HE’S arguably the recruit of the year and could potentially win Essendon’s best-and-fairest so it’s little surprise Devon Smith considers his move to the Bombers the best career decision he’s ever made.

And the midfield tackling machine, who has played every game this season after departing GWS at the end of last year, sees similarities between the Giants and the progress of the Bombers in 2018 despite finals looking out of reach.

Essendon has to beat ladder-leaders Richmond on Friday, then Port Adelaide in the final round, rack up a big percentage boost and hope other results go its way to feature in September.

But if they don’t get there this year Smith, who played in two finals in his six seasons in Sydney, said he was very excited about what was being built at Essendon which made him extra comfortable with his decision to don the red and black.

“We are going to have this core group for the next four to six years, so that’s exciting. I’ve seen how that works,” Smith said, referencing the way the Giants built from the ground up.

“It’s still going to take this group another year and a bit to see how each other plays. I’m trying to still learn where Saady (Adam Saad) kicks the ball, where Jakey (Jake Stringer) leads. Our whole team is doing the same for me.

“We are going to gel and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.”

Smith, who grew up in Lara, near Geelong, before being taken by GWS with pick No.14 in the 2011 draft, conceded that while he did everything to tell himself he wasn’t homesick when in Sydney, he couldn’t escape the feeling he needed to come back to Melbourne.

He said he felt “re-energised” as soon as he came back, enjoying the simple things like regular catch-ups with family and friends, and the benefits for his football have been obvious.

“I didn’t think I was unhappy in Sydney, but looking back, I was a bit headstrong, and I was a bit homesick, missing family,” Smith said.

“Being at home, being able to catch up with people for a coffee, or have dinner, little things. I feel re-energised with my footy, and I am really enjoying game day again.

“It’s a weird thing but definitely the best thing I have done in my career so far.”


So according to the guy who has been one of our best, it is still taking time for the team to fully gel. Imagine that?


EFC: needing more gelatine since 2001.


And when it fully does = world domination

SEA level rising


How good is this guy.

Love the workrate, the hard head and never say die attitude.

Can play a bit too.


This guy is the best recruit we’ve had from another club since the Danihers. Phenomenal season.


Pfft, only 5 tackles today. Disappointing. Will need to get 11 next week to take the record off Swallow. Must work harder…


They put a lot of work into him tonight.
I noticed he was getting tagged earlier in the match.
They were pretty concerned about his tackling and pressure. Hardwick knew he gets us going in pressure acts. Its contagious.


Just watched his interview on BomberTV.

He has that GWS smugness and arrogance… almost like he can’t be fcked to be talking about the game. I fcking love it.

He has that 80’s Essendon arrogance about him.


While he was happy effort you can tell deep down that he dosen’t accept loses such a competior watch him get BOG aginst Port.

Need more blokes like him in the team I love him


I’m going to count every one of his tackles next week


Just give the guy the BnF now


2019 recruitment strategy

‘Dev, it’s jackets here, can you write down five names of players you respect and admire outside EFC’

slides over notepad and pen


slides over burner phone

‘Here is a burner phone, do you mind making a couple of calls regarding 2019?’



Name an example


Is he in trouble for the missed roundhouse punch?


It missed, so no.


Smith very lucky a heafty fine and that’s about it.


Did the tigers player go first with the punch? It looked like Smith just had sharper reflexes.


it’s only a fraction and all of a sudden it’s a Gaff moment.