#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


was a very silly thing to do, lucky he missed


He Essingtoned that punch, we need NatRat back as Boxing Coach


I love his toughness, tackling,gut running, and smarts around goal.

But what I absolute love, and it’s captain material type stuff-
is when the opposition get a run on and start to pull away, it’s always him that goes up a gear,
to try and reel in the oppositions dominance

Every time.


He’s a shoe in for the leadership group next year, right?


Only a fine!

If he connects he breaks his jaw. Very lucky boy.


Maybe we can get six points for that goal he tried to kick, but missed?


How did it look?


Yep, I agree, but that’s their system. It’s all about the outcome rather than the action so players chance their luck.


No doubt in my mind what his intention was.


Well in that case, definitely 6 points for Mr Smith then.
Well spotted.
Would you like a job at the AFL?


I struggle with singlethink, let alone doublethink, so I’ll have to decline.


Like Hooker last week both players knew exactly where their punches were going, i.e. avoiding contact to the head




So because Gaff threw an uncontrolled punch, all punches are uncontrolled. Righto. The fact that Zac Jones was fined for making actual contact with Zerrett’s head a couple of weeks ago makes Smith’s fine a bit of a joke.


Sorry for repeating. I wrote this in the review thread but belongs here. Apologies if someone has already mentioned it too.

If you look at the replay, McIntosh went for the punch to Smith’s body first but Smith’s lightning fast reflexes make it appear it was he who went for the punch to McIntosh’s head. In effect Smith did not want to hit him and merely just stopped McIntosh from hitting him and showing him who was boss. Nothing in it except for AFL propaganda.


And Richmond targeted Devon right from the start of the match. The AFL need to deal with players/teams who niggle players with pinches, punches and other niggling tactics. If one player starts it the other player should be entitled to finish it.
They don’t want to ban all punches …So the odd haymaker will continue to connect


AFL: “If you don’t stop it I’ll turn this game around”


Dev: HM…hold my beer?!!


I thought Dev broke the tackle record a few rounds back? Or is that a H&A record and Swallow’s record includes finals?


Swallow’s didn’t include finals. Smith had the most tackles of any player after 19 rounds but not 22 rounds.