#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


13 tackles today and I’m pretty sure that’s the record…


if he doesn’t win the Chrichton, ill spew up


Love this guy. Is the good player with a little bit of mongrel in him we need. I still think Heppell will pip him for the Crichton (Heppell is a notorious high polling player) but he will win a few over the next 8 or so seasons. Will be a lynchpin to any future success we have.


As reported on FF


Cheers for that. The guy is an animal - a tackling pit bull. Deserves to win the Chricton for mine (slightly ahead of Heppell).



How appropriate.


Really hope he wins the BnF. He deserves it and has earned it


Had $10 on him at the start of the year @51 to be our leading Brownlow vote getter.

Not confident because I don’t think the umps will like him. But has to be a bit of a chance


Nah, umps love mids, especially those they are paying frees to for such hectic tackling. Libba, the eye gouger, won a Charlie, didn’t he? I reckon you are in with a sniff, but prolly won’t win it given our 10 losses.


He just has to be the highest Essendon vote getter for me to win


Out of him and Heppell. Greater than 50% chance for mine. Reckon you should have put $100 on him at those odds. Ha. :wink:


I wish at the moment I had $100 on it. Pretty sure I placed the bet before round 1 though so didn’t expect him to be as good as he’s been


I think Heppell might be closer in the first half of the season than we think.

While his disposal was pretty poor. His running numbers were elite. He was covering the most ground than anyone else during the period.


Heppell has a history of polling well with umpires and coaches. I think he’ll lead our Brownlow count (although I want Smith to beat him) with about 15 and he’ll win the Crichton.

Top 3 will be Hepp, Smith and Merrett


Fark yes

I reckon they may get him in AA side


Yeah, I don’t think anyone imagined in the preseason that Devon would have played so consistently brilliant all year. Anyway, good luck with the bet. Hope you win.


Has made the AA squad


Good call.

Won’t make the final team, but certainly deserves a spot in the squad.


Should be in the side, he has been amazing all year, both when we were ■■■■ and when we’re playing good. He has taken hangers, kick miraculous goals and broken the all time tackle record.


In the modern game which is all about pressure, you would think that the #1 pressure midfielder in the comp would make the final 22.

I think he deserves it.